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Increasing Male Fertility Through Diet

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, and I’m not pretending to be one either. You should always seek help from a medical professional.

Men’s fertility is an important topic.

This study shows that the fertility rate amongst men has dropped the last 40 years (Levine et al., 2017)If the trend continues, we could be in serious trouble.

Scientists have found a link between sperm count and general health (The Endocrine Society, 2018). Environmental issues like pollution and chemicals have a lot of the blame, but it’s safe to say that other health factors are important as well.


Obesity and fertility

This study, done by Atif Katib, shows that obesity has a significant impact on a man’s testosterone level. Lower testosterone levels can then result in poorer sperm production (Katib, 2015).

Another study, by Nguyen, shows that the higher a man’s BMI, the worse his fertility is going to be (Nguyen, Wilcox, Skjaerven, & Baird, 2007).

The good news is, that this can be reversed. Releasing excess weight and better overall health can improve sperm production and quality (Håkonsen et al., 2011).


Better sleep

Testosterone production is at its highest when sleeping. The less sleep you get, the less testosterone you produce (Leproult & Van Cauter, 2011).

If you’re having problems with falling asleep try these 5 Hacks:


Stress is bad for fertility

Scientists have also found that stress can harm male fertility (Janevic et al., 2014).

This isn’t surprising… Stress is designed to kill. To learn more, watch this video:


How to improve your health

Every single species on earth has a specific diet. The closer you live to that diet, the healthier and stronger you are.

One of the most essential principles of WildFit is: it’s far more important to get the right food in, than remove the bad food.

By increasing your intake of vegetables, fruit, nuts, and animal protein, the better you’re likely to feel. Also, it will make you more likely to cut out unsupportive food because you’re more nutritionally satisfied.

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