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Jose Cohen – Rising Star Award


The Team here at WILDFIT wants to send a huge congratulations to 2020 Rising Star Award Winner Jose Cohen

Like many when they begin, their deep dive into the world of personal development and health and wellness, it’s only once they’re in it that they realize they don’t know nearly as much as they thought they did. 

“I had to start studying again. All my life my house had been on a diet and so we thought we had all of the knowledge that was out there.”

It was only after Jose started taking WILDFIT courses through MindValley and caught a YouTube ad of Eric’s that said, “stop exercising” that he felt encouraged to dig deeper. “The philosophy of WILDFIT really just clicked with me.”

The journey wasn’t always smooth for Jose, as his resistance started to kick in as soon as he signed up for the 90 Day Challenge. He fell behind, he quit, he lost faith, he felt like anything Eric was going to teach him would be something he already knew. “Then finally I gave myself one last boost and committed to it.” 

Jose credits a lot of his progress to his supportive wife, who stood by him in solidarity as he puts it, encouraging him along the way. “After two and a half months of sticking with it, I immediately knew WILDFIT had to be a part of my mission, my purpose in life.” 

He describes himself as the type of person who needs to share everything in life — whether it’s food or knowledge, so after realizing how effective WILDFIT could actually be, Jose felt compelled to gain a deeper knowledge in order to share it, too. 

“I saw this opportunity to become a certified coach. And at that time, the only goal for myself was to know more. It was never on my mind to view this as a side business or anything, you know? Then suddenly everyone was asking me, ‘What did you do? How did you do it?’”

Before he knew it, Jose was onto his 11th tribe! It’s clear that WILDFIT truly has become his mission and purpose in life. 

Jose is grateful for the large community he has spread across the globe to which he credits a lot of his success to. 

“We are from Venezuela, so we have a big group of friends from Venezuela who are now scattered around the world. So I think that helps too, because one person from Argentina, one from Chile, one from Israel, one from Houston, Miami, Panama, Mexico, and suddenly the word started to spread. It’s been an amazing ride.”

Jose is well aware that this is just the beginning, committing to stepping up his game when it comes to marketing next. “My wife is making it happen, I thank God for her.” 

Many people struggle with weight their whole lives, not truly understanding why or how. In Jose’s experience, he just grew to accept it. “I had always been ‘the fat guy’. I even quit swimming classes because I started getting fat and I felt so shy about it. I started playing soccer, baseball, any sport and nothing worked. So I just accepted ‘the fat guy’ as a part of my identity.”

Then came WILDFIT…

“I had never weighed myself before the 90 Day Challenge. It never mattered. Within those 3 months, I released 15 kilograms. Then another 10 after that in the next nine months, and that’s just part of the achievement in itself.”

Before WILDFIT, Jose’s mindset was that nutrition didn’t matter. His philosophy was to just enjoy life. Growing up in a Jewish household, big gatherings with big plates of food was what they did best. Sharing food was the best way to show love, or say “I’m proud”, even if something bad happened. “Food was medicine.” 

Looking back, ‘the fat guy’ version of Jose probably could’ve never imagined himself saying this…

“WILDFIT changed my life, it changed our life in our house. Even emotionally, we got the key to being happy.”

Making the investment in himself wasn’t one that Jose and his wife took lightly. After a shaky stock market experience, and the uncertainty of COVID looming, they often found themselves having conversations around whether putting money into WILDFIT as a coaching business was a good idea for them. 

“To this day, I have already made more money than I would’ve with that stock. And now I am equipped with this tool to even make more. The first investment you have to make is in yourself so you can be even more financially free.”

Jose’s experience has been inspiring to say the least. And this is only just the beginning. 

“It’s been amazing to see myself grow. My challenge for the next year is to win The Butterfly Award. I want to be on every social media spreading the word and sharing my knowledge. It’s going to be incredible. A new journey.”

Congratulations once again, Jose!

“Before I was with gummies and chocolate, now I’m with WILDFIT.”

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