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Kerry Dell – 2019 Coach of The Year


We are honored to congratulate the 2019 WILDFIT Coach of The Year, Kerry Dell! 

This award is very well deserved. 

Kerry started her WILDFIT coaching business just after immigrating from South Africa to New Zealand, where she knew no one. Talk about a challenge!

Kerry rose up to the challenge and was one of the top coaches who put many people through the WILDFIT challenge in 2019. We had the honor of interviewing Kerry and getting to know her on a deeper level and we’d like to share a little bit about her with you! 

Trust us, she is someone you want in your corner.

Kerry’s 90 Day Challenge Results

She discovered the program through Mindvalley and although she was skeptical at first, what got her to join was when Eric Edmeades, the founder of WildFit, talked about how his sinuses cleared up due to the food he was consuming.

Kerry thought to herself ‘even if I can change just that one thing, it will be worth it!’
You see, Kerry had been suffering from Chronic Sinusitis and she was ready to no longer suffer. 

What happened? She managed to ‘cure’ her sinuses, but what blew her away the most was that she was also now free of back pain! 

Okay let’s be clear, not just any back pain.

Kerry had been living with chronic pain since the age of 11 due to very strong scoliosis. She lives with a 25 degree curvature. One day she woke up and was able to get out of bed without thinking and by that she means without stretching or thinking about the easiest way to move without pain. It was just – gone!

She never thought that WildFit would improve her back pain, something she had lived with her whole life. Crazy! 

Now Kerry strongly encourages all her clients to write out EVERYTHING they would like to improve, so that they can see all the little transformations that occur throughout their 90 WildFit Day Challenge. 

“What I found is that as I continued on the program, it just got better and better. That was massive success for me as I never had that intention”

We didn’t even mention weight!

During the 90 days Kerry reached her goal weight of 60 kilograms. Amazing! Even better is what happened after is her body continued to adjust and she now, for the past 3 years, has consistently weighed 56 kilograms. She’s never put the weight back on and she’s never gone back to chronic pain!

Kerry with her family in the African bush

WildFit Coaching

Kerry has been studying health for over 20 years. She is a Natural Health Practitioner, Health Coach and a Certified WildFit Coach.

She had just immigrated to New Zealand and was working with many clients who were really struggling with weight loss. Kerry knew of a solution – WildFit!

Kerry saw an email one day from WildFit inviting her to become a coach and it clicked for her. She knew it was something she HAD to do. 

Kerry, we are very happy you did. You impact more lives than you are aware of.

WildFit Team

She’s the type of individual who never stops, she  just keeps moving forward. She’ll ask herself questions like, what’s next? Who else can I help? How can I get another group together?

This is one of the amazing qualities WildFit greatly appreciates about Kerry, her drive and determination to continuously help others. 

Kerry’s favorite part about being a WildFit coach is being a part of her clients transformations. 

It’s an indescribable feeling to witness another’s journey and to say you were a part of it.

Words of Wisdom

Something that really helped Kerry when beginning her coaching journey was, to step back and say, “it’s not about me.” Instead she found that drive within herself to help one person, then another person and watch it continue to spiral. 

As Kerry shares, “when people approach you, don’t fear the ‘yes or no’ because it’s nothing personal, it’s whether they are ready to commit or not. Continue approaching people and know that you have everything you need and a fabulous team behind you.” 

Kerry would also like to take a moment and thank her clients for having faith in her. It’s not an easy journey and she’s grateful that they are willing to step into it with her. 

What’s Next?

When we chatted with Kerry, she of course had many new plans in the works.

First, I would like to share that her clients are very well taken care of, she loves to continue connecting with her groups after they’ve completed the WildFit 90 Day Challenge and runs Living WildFit check in calls. She’s also creating a new course that is all about connecting with nature. 

Her next big target is getting into the corporate workforce. She wants to make a bigger difference in the business world. As she states, “if you’ve got people on your team that are really battling with their health, and they don’t know how to get through the whole day with full energy, you know without coffee, you’re not keeping them moving forward or teaching them how to handle the stress and how to not pick up the office bugs.” There’s so much she’s ready to share with the workforce and business world. 

Kerry we can’t wait to see what you accomplish!

Connect with Kerry

You can reach out to Kerry below.

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