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Kylie Forseille – HQ Coach of the Year


The Team here at WILDFIT wants to send a huge congratulations to 2020 HQ Coach of the Year Kylie Forseille

Kylie is one of our inspiring HQ Coaches who dedicates the majority of her time to WILDFIT, not only because she’s managed to build a thriving business from it, but also because it’s first and foremost where her passion lies. 

Like many, as Kylie started to get older (though still very much young in every sense of the word), she started to realize she was struggling with her health. It wasn’t just the typical freshman 15 that hit her, but also how she was feeling about herself, her body, and her overall wellbeing.   

A touching part of Kylie’s interest in WILDFIT circles back to her beloved Grandfather, who played a large part in raising her. 

“I fell in love with the idea of being sugar-free. I learned that Alzheimers is correlated to sugar, which my grandfather was suffering from at the time, along with Type 2 Diabetes, so it all came together and acted like a lightbulb for me. I literally lived off of sugar. 200 grams a day was easy for me, it was comfortable. So I said to myself, ‘I need to get off sugar.’” 

Though an investment in WILDFIT was a big one for a student to make, Kylie was actually enrolled as a nursing student at the time, “I remember thinking it just makes so much sense.”

“When I was in nursing school at the same time as taking care of my Grandpa, I was also taking care of the Dementia patients who could no longer sit up, who could no longer change themselves or remember their family’s names. It just hit home for me at such a young age that I didn’t want to be like that.”

While already learning about health and nutrition in school, Kylie felt WILDFIT was the perfect addition. So much so that she eagerly wanted to become a Coach before even finishing the program! She had an instant connection to the WILDIT ideology of going back to eating how humans are intended to, and knew she wanted to share this message with the world. 

“After learning about food and overall health, I was looking at what these facilities were feeding their patients and I’m thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, it all stems from how we take care of ourselves and our bodies.’”

Kylie says her passion for Living WILDFIT all comes down to having experienced what life looks like when you live off of sugar, and she doesn’t want anyone else to have to go through the same thing. “We have the education now, we might as well use it.”

When it comes to her career in coaching, the biggest benefit for Kylie is when she sees transformation taking place in her clients, and watching them transition through the journey to that magical moment when it all starts to click. 

That’s exactly why moving forward, Kylie’s goal is to continue to bring more and more people into the WILDFIT world. “Continuing this momentum so I can help other people to experience this transformation. Right now I’m at 30, but my goal for this year is to impact 100 clients. Sometimes you think you might get bored of coaching, but it’s impossible. Every journey is different, every client’s experience is different. That’s the magic of it.” 

For those thinking of becoming a Coach themselves, Kylie has a message for you:

“I just want them to know that it is worth it. It is 100% worth becoming a coach, especially if you’re one of those people who’s labeled as a caretaker or someone who people always come to for advice, because if it comes naturally to you and you’re used to doing it casually, you can flow into coaching so easily.

Seeing your clients thrive reinforces why you’re doing it as well, and why you’re sticking with it. It keeps you accountable. If you’re not accountable to what you’re teaching, your clients are going to find it hard to practice what you preach.” 

As much progress as any WILDFIT coach can make, there will always be tough days, because like any addict, the addiction to sugar and food never fully fades. So for Kylie, when her cravings hit, she no longer reaches for Oreos and ice cream, but WILDFIT approved recipes like warm cookies and her famous banana cream pie.  

When it comes to Kylie’s overall “WILDFIT Why”, it’s because she wants to be and stay healthy. “I want to remember my grandchildren’s names, I want to be able to walk and travel when I’m older, I want a clear mind and a clear brain.”

And with her driven focus on all things WILDFIT, Kylie’s sure to live out the rest of her days with the clarity, success, happiness, and healthiness she deserves. 

Congratulations once again, Kylie! 

“Coaching WILDFIT not only changes your clients around the world… It changes you.”

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