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Learning Through Example – A WildFit Success Story With Lindsay Stewart

Humans live through example…

You learn different behaviors from parents, teachers, mentors, friends… the people who have the biggest impact on your development.

This is the same with food psychology. From a very young age we establish a certain relationship with food and often see it through to adulthood. This relationship can be positive and healthy or negative and unhealthy.

When Lindsay embarked on her WildFit journey, she was surprised by the shift in her food psychology:

“I have always cared about my health, but the information I was getting about becoming healthy, just wasn’t helping. I didn’t know why I signed up to do WildFit, but I was determined to do it. The way Eric talked about the way he was eating just sounded like what I wanted to learn. I took my measurements, and did all of the appropriate tasks for the first time.

As I went through the program, I realized this was unlike any program I’d done. The psychological aspect, coupled with good information about nutrition, and an understanding of social conditioning, made this program one of the most sustainable programs I’ve done.

I’ve lost 30 lbs, inches everywhere. When people ask me where I started, I tell them about the alkagizer, and water. It is even easy to show people how to start in a good way by putting in good things. I am so glad I did this program. It empowered me to make better choices, and help others see what good choices can bring. Thank you all for your help and encouragement. “

Lindsay Stewart

Lindsay changed her relationship with food and it empowered her to make huge changes for her health.

It’s possible for you too! The first step is the hardest… find out more about our WildFit 14 Day Reset below!

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