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Live Your Best Life Possible! – A WildFit Success Story

For much of my life, I was overweight. Of course, as a kid, you don’t really know that you’re overweight until certain events or situations make you realize that you are a little different…


Events and Situations

One of the first events I remember was going clothes shopping with my mom. I can’t remember how old I was, but it was very early on, maybe 5 or 6. We were shopping at the local department store when the clerk came to us and asked if we needed any help. My mother answered that we were looking for jeans for me. I liked to play hockey outside, mostly as a goalie, and so spent much of my time on my knees. Of course they would wear out in no time, so I went through jeans fairly quickly.

When the clerk asked what size I needed, that’s when it happened. My mother’s answer stuck with me for a long time…well, until now. It wasn’t the size that threw me off, it was the follow-up to the size. She called me “husky.” Wait…what?!

“What are you saying, Mom?”

She answered with, “You’re not fat; you just need a little extra room in the seat and the legs.”

Now, I was young, but something about that sounded like I was a little different.

Fast forward a few years later… I had started playing organized ice hockey. Like most Canadian kids, I loved the game and had dreams of the NHL. I learned to skate on the backyard rink my dad made. Not sure which is a fonder memory: playing hockey on this rink or helping my dad build it. I remember attending one of my practices and a gentleman approached my dad to ask if it was okay for me to come up to the “AAA” team. Now, even I knew that I wasn’t that strong of a skater. I was slow and awkward. That’s when I heard it. “Well, we know he’s not the best skater but we could really use his size. It’s okay, we’ll work with him.” And so there it was again.

When I was quite a bit older I had been working at a trade show. I’ve attended, built, planned, and worked a lot of trade shows throughout my career. When doing so you tend to develop certain patterns and habits. Mine was to stand on the top left corner of the booth right at the edge of the carpet just inside the booth so as not to block the booth but to be right up front to welcome customers. At one show, I was at my usual spot when my boss came back and he started laughing as he approached the booth. He had been out “scoping” the show floor.

When I asked him what was so funny he said, “I was way down the aisle and looked towards our booth. I looked at another guy and said I bet that’s Thibault in the booth.” I was not out in front of the booth but right at the edge on my usual perch. I asked how he knew. He said, “Well, I knew what colour shirt you were wearing and although I couldn’t see you, I could see your belly.” I felt insulted, humiliated, and embarrassed…again.

Search and Experience

Through my late teens I discovered caffeine pills. I was going to college, working, and drumming, and these kept me going. Because my body would be running at top speed most of the time, I was burning more calories than I could take in. I was losing weight. In the back of my mind though, I was scared of the potential of addiction and what a next step would be so after a year or so I stopped. Of course the weight came back and then some; bigger pants, sluggish feeling, big belly, all of it and more.

I tried different diets. I was on the Atkins diet. Yes, I lost weight. It was great at first; I mean all that bacon…come on. No carbs. A lot of fat. Absolutely not sustainable. And I was disciplined. I even said no to birthday cake my mother had made me…my mother! As soon as I was off of it, everything came back and more. I ballooned up to 280 lbs! I would get dizzy putting on my socks in the morning or tying my shoes.

I tried calorie counting. I had read a few books. I considered myself educated and made my own plan. I put myself on 2000 calories a day. Again, I lost a few pounds but couldn’t break past a certain level. I was on the mindset that if I was good all week I deserved a “cheat” day. That was Friday; a pizza, chicken wings, and a bottle of wine. Not good.

My body had kicked back at one point and I had what I call a nervous “episode” for two and a half months—my body would just shake. It was more like vibrate. I was sweating a lot mostly while I was sleeping. Oh it was not good but I slimmed down to 220 lbs. I was about to go see a doctor but it stopped. Thank goodness! Over the next few years, my weight crept back up to the 250 lbs range.


I had been attending a conference and one of the speakers spoke about health. He told stories of how every species on earth has its own diet (which means way of life, not temporary alteration of the food you eat). He spoke about elephants, vultures, leaf cutter ants, they all have specific diets, and how even homo sapiens have specific diets. This all made a lot of sense to me so I tried the program.

As of this writing, it’s been 3 years since I’ve done the program. I released 75lbs in less than 6 months and I have not gained anything back. I feel strong, refreshed, and energetic. I sleep soundly and I think more clearly. I don’t remember feeling this good. It was simple to go through and is easy to maintain. I’m not sure how many years I’ve added to my life because of it. I tell my kids that I’ll be around until I’m at least 120!

WildFit Success Story - David Thibault

The program changed my life so much that I have a burning desire to help as many people as I can also feel this way; so much so that I became a certified coach for the program. I’m talking about WildFit.

This is my journey of over 50 years of suffering through weight issues, health issues, confidence and self-awareness issues. I would love nothing more than to help you feel as great as I do.

Life is too short not to live your best life possible!

David Thibault

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