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Living WildFit
Eat well every day. Thrive in every way.

As a graduate of the WildFit 90 Day Challenge, you know that focusing on your health for 90 days is one thing, but how do you make those habits stick long term?

How do you make sure that through birthday parties, free doughnuts at the office and stressful moments in your relationships, you keep making truly healthy choices?

We made Living WildFit to help you do exactly that.

This is not a simple nutrition membership.
Living WildFit is about bettering your WHOLE life.


In addition to a steady supply of new recipes, Living WildFit is your destination for monthly personal growth workshops, deep community support, meaningful conversations about topics like parenting, healthy relationships and of course, eating and living the WildFit way.

Ready for wellness across every area of your life? This is that.

Live Monthly Workshops

Every month, you’ll have exclusive access to a new mini-workshop, hosted by Eric Edmeades or a Master WildFit Coach. These workshops will cover a range of topics, from nutrition to relationships to goal setting. Upcoming topics include:

  • Physical Fitness / Workouts
  • Back to Spring
  • Menopause
  • WildFit on The Road
  • Longevity
Access To The Living WildFit Recipe Database

Yes! Only Living WildFit members have access to the WildFit Recipe Database. Currently, there are over 100 WildFit-created and WildFit-approved recipes, and new recipes are added every month. You can search by ingredients, seasons, and more. This database alone is worth the entire membership - mealtime will never be boring again!

Access To The Living WildFit Food Database

Imagine a dictionary based on food. With the Living WildFit Food Database, you can easily look up any food on the planet and immediately find out what season that food falls into. You’ll know exactly what foods to eat, and when.

Access To The Private Living WildFit Facebook Group

Trying to prioritize your health when the people around you aren’t equally motivated can be pretty challenging, right? This group is the antidote to that. This group will help you develop new health-conscious friendships, get real-time answers to the questions you’re struggling with, and tap into an international community of health-minded people who generously share their recipes, resources, and best practices.

Exclusive Member Pricing

As a Living WildFit member, you’ll receive 50% off all future WildFit 90 Group challenges (repeating WildFit 90 is an excellent way to detox and reset if you’ve fallen off track).

Join Living WildFit today!

NOTE: This membership is intended for the WildFit 90 program graduates.

If you haven't done the WildFit 90 program, click here to start your WildFit journey now!

Living WildFit Membership

$24.97 per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the monthly workshops happening? What if I can’t make the time?

The monthly mini-workshops will happen on the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 12 pm New York Time. Don’t worry if you can’t make each one live. We’ll email you the recording link and post it in our private Facebook group within 24 hours.

How long is each mini-workshop?

Plan for approximately 60-90 minutes.

Can I ask Eric or the Master Coach questions LIVE during the workshop?

Some workshops will be pure teaching, so we may not have time available for a lengthy Q&A. Most of the time though, yes, you will be able to ask a question.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time. Just send us an email at with the subject line "Cancel WildFit Membership". We will process your cancellation within one business day.

Do I need to be eating 100% WildFit to join?

Living WildFit is designed to support people who want to continue living and eating the WildFit way after their WildFit 90 Challenge has finished. We know that no one is perfect and of course, sometimes slip-ups will happen. This membership has been created to give you the resources and support needed to get back to living WildFit, as much as possible.

If you sign up using the annual payment option, you’ll only be billed once a year, on the same date.

"WildFit is the best personal development investment I’ve made to date. In short, it delivers and then some.”

Pam Damonte