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Lori Moody – Butterfly Award


The Team here at WILDFIT wants to send a huge congratulations to 2020 Butterfly Award Winner Lori Moody

Though Lori’s background is primarily in fitness and health, her journey with WILDFIT didn’t begin for years later in 2019 when she was dealing with the reality of not being able to work out due to an injury. “I had surgery to repair a hernia so I couldn’t exercise. Coming from an exercise background, this was really hard for me. So I thought, ‘Well, this is the perfect time to really dial in on my nutrition.’ So when I stumbled upon WILDFIT, I signed up right away.”

Little did Lori know this stumble would be the first step towards an incredible journey — one that would eventually include her entire family!

“My husband joined me on the journey probably after the first week or two. He would overhear the videos and was really interested in what Eric would say. We both had tremendous success.”

This success came as a revelation for Lori, who found she could never release that extra 5 pounds despite being a fitness instructor who was teaching 10-14 hours of fitness classes each week. She even spent close to 20 years experimenting with what foods triggered her and still couldn’t pinpoint what was causing her stomach aches and indigestion. She kept a food journal, saw doctors, did countless hours of research, but the conclusion to her discomfort never came. 

After her first WILDFIT Challenge, she ended up releasing 18 pounds!

Lori felt better than ever and wanted to help others feel good in their bodies and themselves too. “When people feel good about their bodies they’re going to be more willing to go to the gym and know they’re worth working on.” 

“Going towards fitness first is the wrong path. But that’s what so many of us are conditioned to do, is to go to the gym and work out like crazy. Now I firmly believe that nutrition is the first step.”

As a Coach, Lori is now able to help people change their limiting beliefs and focus on their nutrition rather than how much they can bench in the gym. 

“I think the biggest benefit to being a Coach is I feel I can still help people, but even more people than I could as a fitness instructor. In my fitness studio, an average size class was probably five people. So sure, I was a great motivator and inspiration for five people at a time, but now as a WILDFIT Coach, I can reach so many more people that don’t even live in my community. So I think that’s the biggest benefit, that I can help everyone. It’s not limited to men or women or fit people or less fit people or local people or out of town people. It’s everyone.”

Short-term, Lori’s goal is to Coach her way through two more 90 Day Challenges before attending Eric’s next AZAYA Experience in the Dominican Republic this fall, which will align perfectly with a well deserved family vacation. 

“Ever since my certification, I’ve been running 90 Day Challenges back to back, with no vacation time or downtime, so I want to enjoy some personal time towards the end of the year with my family,” Lori admits. 

On top of that goal, Lori’s aiming for the stars and hoping to reach 1,000 people by the end of the year. She sees the work Eric, Andrea and the WILDFIT HQ Team put into the WILDFIT movement and devotes herself to her work so that she can walk that same path. 

“This award really means so much to me, because I look up to all of those people. I look up to Eric and Andrea and everyone who has helped pave the way for us to be Coaches. They’re so valuable in everything that they give us. So for them to acknowledge something I did and say it deserves an award, it makes me feel like I’m definitely on the right path, like the decision I made was the right decision.”

Lori beams with confidence knowing she’s finally in the right place at the right time. Maybe that pesky hernia surgery was meant to be after all… 

“I feel like a whole new me after WILDFIT. I’ve become more intuitive. I’ve become more patient and gracious with myself. And I just love myself more.”

One of the most inspiring aspects of Lori’s journey with WILDFIT — from the 90 Day Challenge to becoming a Coach — has been the way she’s seen the program ripple through her whole family. 

“With my husband on board, people started to notice that we both released weight. He’s released over 30 pounds altogether because he continued to release more weight after the challenge. People were seeing us and saying, ‘Wow, when you start coaching we want to be in your group!”. 

Soon enough Lori was teaching the WILDFIT way to her husband’s brother and his wife, her two adult children, her sister, her mom, aunt, uncle, cousin — the list goes on, and today they’re all feeling wonderful. 

“I’ve had several friends who were in my trial class and they had great success as well. It’s really been fantastic. I haven’t had to really ask anyone to join really, they just kind of gravitated towards me because the more family members who were on board, the more inspiring it was to the others.”

For Lori, becoming a Coach was the most effective way she knew to show her friends, family, and the world how transformational WILDFIT really could be. 

A big congratulations to you once again, Lori!

“If we wait for everything to be perfect to start something, it’ll never come. You just have to go for it.”

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