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Nov 5, 2023


If you’re searching for a positive change in your health - but are sick of diets and weight loss programs - then this may be your most important invite of the year...

Because you could be joining thousands of people around the world on a life-changing online journey guaranteed to permanently transform how you feel and look.
This journey is called the WILDFIT Food Freedom Challenge
And in just 90 days, it will finally empower you to:

Have other diet fads and nutrition programs failed you in the past?

The WILDFIT Food Freedom Challenge won’t.

It will give you the most profound and lasting health breakthrough of your life, for one simple reason:

Your entire relationship with food will be forever transformed.

If you’re like most people, you might struggle with a sweet tooth, late-night fridge raids, or unhealthy food cravings.

The average diet plan tells you to resist these temptations, and make an effort to choose healthy food.

It’s a recipe for disaster and disappointment, because nobody can fight their willpower and keep winning over the long run.

The WILDFIT Food Freedom Challenge instead draws on evolutionary medicine, behavioural psychology, and nutritional anthropology to first reprogram you to release your unhealthy food habits and cravings –

And then replace them with nourishing ones that draw you to the right food for the human body. Effortlessly and without struggle.

This is the key to a lifetime of optimal health and weight. And it’s also one of the many truths you’re rarely told through the conventional approach to health and nutrition: which often feeds you with myths instead, such as…



The 5 Myths You’ve Been Told About Food & Diets

WILDFIT founder Eric Edmeades has uncovered five fundamental myths that society teaches us about food and diets.

You’ve probably heard these myths in school, in the books and articles you read, and even from countless health and nutrition experts.

And if you’ve tried to lose weight or overcome an illness by following them – then you’ll know just how devastating they can be!
The first step to regaining your optimal weight and well-being is to understand these myths:

It’s time to rethink your relationship with food.
Eric Edmeades on stage

What If You Could Permanently Reform Your Relationship With Food - And In Turn Your Body - In Just 90 Days?

People create short-term changes to their eating habits every day: it’s what’s commonly known as dieting.

But modern day dieting doesn’t work.
To create life-changing results that last, you need a simple system that changes your food beliefs, relationship with food, and habits FOR GOOD.

A powerful, effective and new health and fitness methodology that draws its inspiration from evolutionary and functional medicine and nutritional anthropology…

And uses behavioral psychology to create lasting change in your brain’s association with food including its response to the Six Human Hungers…
So that no amount of advertising dollars or social pressures will put you back on an unhealthy regimen ever again.

This system addresses the five primary reasons behind why you’ve always failed to achieve the changes your body so badly wants to make. It guides you through an easy, step-by-step process to make permanent and lasting changes without ever feeling hungry and always having a feeling of abundant freedom – and it’s called:

WILDFIT: 90 Days To Your Natural, Best Looking Self

About Your Mentor, Eric Edmeades, Creator of WILDFIT

Eric Edmeades is an international speaker, author, and pioneer in the field of evolutionary biology and nutritional anthropology.

Eric spent the earlier part of his life struggling with constant sinus and throat infections, excess weight, acne and chronic fatigue.

His doctors believed that surgically removing his tonsils was the solution, but on a whim, Eric decided to experiment with changing his diet. Within 30 days, all his symptoms went away, so the surgery was cancelled.

Eric’s personal experience drove his passion to explore food’s role in human health. He wanted to understand why simple dietary changes healed his body – especially when Western medicine had spent years telling him that cutting out a part of his body was the only solution.
His research took him to live with bushmen in Africa, where he studied their eating patterns. He waded through stacks of nutritional data and functional anthropology research, and devoted years of his life to analyzing and testing his theories.

WILDFIT is the culmination of Eric’s journey. And to date, it has helped thousands of people worldwide break free from poor health and debilitating diseases – and regain the health and wellness each of us was born to have.

About Eric and WILDFIT

As seen on


So many lives were changed by Eric's WILDFIT Program that it was voted the Highest Rated Program of Mindvalley in both 2018 and 2019

How Eric Helped People Kick Their Sugar Cravings...

“Eric is a master storyteller and a master presenter"

Eric is a master storyteller and a master presenter because he knows how to instantly connect with the audience. He also has an uncanny ability to get into the minds of the audience, figure out what is more important to them, and then deliver powerfully influential stories to move them to action.

Alex Mandossian
CEO and Founder

“He is an all-round terrific guy who I am grateful to know”

Eric is one of the people I admire most for his ability to walk his talk. When he talks about success in business you know he achieved it. When he talks about overcoming challenges you know that he has faced them. He is an all-round terrific guy who I am grateful to know.

Daniel Priestley
Author of Become a Key Person of Influence

"Eric is not talking from a script, you can feel his heart, look him into his eyes and feel his presence."

Eric Edmeades is an amazing teacher. I am so inspired by him being a speaker myself. He is not talking from a script, you can feel his heart, look him into his eyes and feel his presence. He is with you all the way.

Carol Benson
United States

What You'll Learn

Stories on Losing Weight

“I am amazed at how many foods that used to control my life I have now eliminated completely from my diet because of WildFit”

The main reason that I decided to take the WildFit Challenge was because the program combines psychology and sound nutritional information to help you make changes in your eating habits.

Read More
Wayne Radicke
Fort Worth, Texas, United States

"Eric Edmeades, you've given me the greatest gift I could have ever imagined. I cannot thank you enough"

Vishen Lakhiani asked me to share my Wildfit transformation. Here it is. Eric Edmeades, you've given me the greatest gift I could have ever imagined: my health. I cannot thank you enough. Who else is also on WildFit?

Virginia Salas Kastilio
Serial Entrepreneur, Inc. named 1 of 26 Women to Change the World
United States

“In 90 days I released 46 lbs. 89 inches, and 4 dress sizes!”

Over the course of the next 20+ years I completed every diet, pill, product, program, that you could imagine, and each time thought I was doing the right thing, or what was 'healthy' for my body ... until I learned the truth from WildFit. In 90 days I released 46 lbs., 89 inches, and 4 dress sizes! The groups, the coaching, the camaraderie, the support, all were bonuses in helping us to reach success.

Jacqueline Giurleo
United States
Disclaimer: There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary when taking this program.
Eric Edmeades at Mindvalley’s A-Fest. Pic top right: Eric with Vishen Lakhiani, Tom Bilyeu and Michael Breus. Bottom Right: Eric sharing his WILDFIT experience with an audience from around the world.

The Transformation You’ll Experience


The Curriculum

Explore The WILDFIT Curriculum

The WILDFIT program is a 90-day real-time coaching curriculum that permanently transforms your relationship with food – and returns you to your optimal weight and health.

WILDFIT is unlike any other diet or nutritional program you may have experienced in the past. It’s not focused on telling you to eat more of one thing, and less of another. Nor are there any rigid diets or exercise plans to follow.

Instead, you’re guided through eye-opening nutrition information and powerful behavioral reprogramming tools that reprogram you to instinctively crave what’s good for you – and avoid what’s not. With zero willpower struggles or relapses.

At the end of the 90 days, you won’t even relate to some of the foods you’ve been eating all these years.

Each week you’ll receive new videos with instructions from your WILDFIT Certified Coach on exactly what you should be paying attention to. In addition to the videos, you’ll also receive information to support you in the journey including guides, recipes, and other resources.

Week 1 And 2: Daily Video And Weekly Coaching Call With A Certified Coach

  • The first two weeks are the foundation of your future healthy self. At this stage, you won’t be making any changes or cutting anything out – but rather learning about food and your relationship with it.
  • You will also learn about the six human hungers and simple ways to neutralize them. The result is that your cravings start subsiding like an evening sunset. Before long, you realize the usual foods that used to “pull u in” no longer do.

Weeks 3 To 10: Two Coaching Videos Per Week And A Weekly Coaching Call With A Certified Coach

Here you’ll start making gentle, natural changes to your diet. Through weekly videos and group coaching sessions, you’ll learn how to make these positive changes in tiny, effortless increments. By letting the body decide what it needs and making changes to accommodate it, you’re actually allowing the natural human diet to gently take over your lifestyle. Suddenly, you’ll realize there’s a day and night difference between what you used to eat and what you are eating now. And there’s absolutely no struggle involved.

  • During this phase, you’ll also see major results like better sleep, increased energy and vitality, improved focus, fewer mood swings, weight correction and an overall increase in happiness levels.

Weeks 11 And 12: Two Coaching Videos Per Week And A Weekly Coaching Call With A Certified Coach

Week 13: Daily Video Coaching And Coaching Call With A Certified Coach

This phase of the program is all about making sure the changes you have just made stays with you for life. It’s about making WILDFIT your most desired lifestyle for the rest of your life.

You will learn how to work with seasonal changes in your life and how to use seasonality to deeply integrate the principles of WILDFIT into your life.

And there will be a tribe where you can raise all your concerns and special situations. The idea is to equip you with all the tools you need to handle the unique problems that life may throw you at some point in future.

You will continue getting better and better results during this phase and your health has only one way to go: UP.

Exclusive Bonuses Only For students Enrolling in our Upcoming Class

This is a one-time offer & will not repeat again

BONUS sections to add

What people say

Stories on Increased Energy

"I feel at least 20 years younger, as I have sooooo much more energy"

I am 53 years old and have never been in better health or shape. I was suffering from constant migraines, acidity, aches & pains and was in bad shape before the program and all those health issues just seem to have...

Read More
Pushpa Nair

"I have dropped 21 kg in 12 weeks"

I have dropped 21 kg in 12 weeks and regained consciousness about food. I sleep much better, my productivity has tripled, my emotional stability has improved significantly, my energy levels are unbelievable,...

Read More
Noyko Stanilov – Chirurg
Enfield, United Kingdom

"I had an emotional breakthrough that was a complete game changer for me"

Wildfit has given me so much. It has given me a healthy relationship with food and my body that I've never had before, and I now feel in control of what I choose to put in my body. I jump out of bed with energy now, I've...

Read More
Louise K. Shaw – Energie-Heiler
Storrington, United Kingdom

Stories on Improving Overall Health

"I am so inspired by the process and effectiveness of WildFit that I have finally decided to go back to school to become a Holistic Nutritionist"

I was battling with anxiety and depression after being diagnosed with a chronic condition that the doctor said required a lifestyle change, including stopping all exercise except walking. I gained 20 pounds in 12 months.

Read More
Diane Shepherd – Petroleum Analyst – Reservoir Engineering
Plano, United States

"My results from WildFit are beyond what I thought was even possible"

Before this program I struggled with radiation fibrosis throughout my neck area. Swallowing was increasingly more difficult and it was challenging to eat raw vegetables, fruit or meat.

Read More
Joyce Yaskowich – Literacy Consultant
Edmonton, Canada

"I am so grateful and in awe of who I am today after the Wildfit quest"

I have always had this fear whispering at the back of my head that I wouldn’t age well! It started when I turned 35. That was my scary age and I could not imagine a great life beyond that in terms of health, beauty and feeling great.

Read More
Brynmore Jordaan – Management Consulting Principal Director
Johannesburg, South Africa

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Your transformation is guaranteed. Get a full-refund if you are not happy with the results.




Frequently Asked Questions

Above all else, the WildFit program is based on one scientific fact: it’s both infuriatingly hard, and unnecessary to try to improve your health through conventional diet and exercise programs. Statistics even show that the average American actually gains 3 lbs for every diet program they try. Because these traditional diets are designed by people who don't approach health problems holistically.

On the contrary, the WildFit program is based on the principle that ‘every living thing has a natural diet’ and that the degree to which a species can stay on that diet is the same degree to which it will experience health and longevity.

Thus WildFit draws heavily from evolutionary history, nutritional anthropology and modern-day hunter-gatherer communities to map out the perfect natural human diet. When this is combined with the powerful science of behavioral psychology, it makes for a body transformation program that’s more permanently effective than anything else out there.

So yes, we’re confident that WildFit will do wonders for your body and overall well being - no matter your past experiences with weight loss or healing.

It’s perfectly fine to also study the curriculum at your own pace. And yes, if you get busy on some days, it’s okay to pick up where you left off. What’s most important is your commitment and consistency in completing the entire process. When you join any program the lessons are available to you for life. So take your time.
If you choose to join a cohort and have support from your coach and tribe, please note that you can only join it once.

While we do believe that practicing anything at the same time every day helps in instilling a habit, especially when you’re learning a new skill, it is NOT necessary.
Although we do recommend it, we understand that life can sometimes throw you a curveball and you may not be able to do the lesson as you originally planned.
And so it’s perfectly fine if you need to do the lessons at different times, or even miss some days and catch up later. What’s important is that you stay as consistent as you can, and follow the entire process from start to finish, at your own pace.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at now - because WildFit is designed to meet you there, and take you where you need to be. Our students range from people with severe health issues to high-performance athletes. Many come to us with a variety of goals including: weight loss, weight gain, more energy, symptom reduction, better sleep, levels of intimacy and fertility, and even an overall desire to feel better and have more energy. Also, 96% of people who start WildFit, finish it. Which further proves that it’s suitable and effective for anyone at any fitness or weight level.

Yes, you can definitely still do WildFit and experience the various health benefits that come with it. But just keep in mind that the WildFit approach will recommend certain animal-based foods at certain parts of the 90-day program, which you can substitute with other plant-based foods that align with your dietary choices.

We highly recommend you first consult your doctor regarding any food allergies you may think you have. If you indeed have any confirmed allergies to any of the foods recommended in the WildFit program, please avoid them. With that said, the WildFit program is not a hyper-restrictive diet where you’ll be limited to a restrictive range of foods. So, you will likely have other alternatives to choose from. Nevertheless, over the course of the 90 days, there will be LIVE coaching calls with a WildFit Certified Coach, where you can address your specific allergy and get customized support. Interestingly, because of the way WildFit is structured, some of our past students discovered that they had attributed the wrong type of food to their allergies and chronic inflammation. While we cannot guarantee this will be the case for you, WildFit will certainly help you gather plenty of insights and data on how certain foods can impact your unique body composition.
No, you do not need to take any additional supplements during the program or after the program has ended. WildFit is designed to create permanent change. This has been proven time and time again with our students who, after months of having completed WildFit, never regain the extra weight and remain at peak levels of health. Our aim is for you to return to your healthiest state for good.

No. One of the biggest myths in health and fitness is the idea that you need to exercise to get healthy. But the truth is, science has shown that 95% of your body shape is determined by your diet, and only 5% is determined by your physical activity.

However, one of the best side-effects of going on the WildFit program is that you will likely experience spikes in energy and you may actually feel like wanting to exercise. But this is not a necessary aspect of the program.

WildFit is not a medical program and should not be taken as medical advice. While clients have reported normalized blood sugar, disappearing allergies, healthy weight loss, and a dramatic reduction of various symptoms, these are simply side effects of living a better lifestyle.

While many clients have eliminated various symptoms and ailments - and reduced their dependency on medication - we suggest that before making any major changes to your health-care plans (including medication dosage) you should consult your medical practitioner.

Don't. Don't change a thing until the program begins. You may be tempted to start making changes or improving your habits, but the WildFit program works best when you simply arrive as you are; not on best behavior.

For now, keep eating normally and don't change a thing.

Programs that simply ask you to give up things you still want are doomed to failure; WildFit will help you permanently change the way you view your diet and the decisions you make in the future.

There have been clients who see results well before program completion. Not everyone will experience the same, but it's possible. And it also depends on how willing you are in terms of allowing that change to happen.
But overall, we're confident to say that in as little as 30 days, you will experience radical shifts in your weight, energy, libido, sleeping patterns and overall happiness levels.

If you're skeptical, try this program anyway: because you have 30 days to prove your skeptic mind wrong. Eric Edmeades so far has not had a case where his clients have asked for a refund. The program's stick rate is over 90%, which leaves us confident that it's almost impossible to not see any results with the WildFit program.

Stories on Better Eating

“Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the incredible results”

Never in my wildest dreams did I expect the incredible results. I am still staying the course, still releasing weight and centimeters with no desire or inclination to "cheat". Weight released: 15kg (33lbs); Body Fat Percentage down: 12%; Total centimetre release: 110.5cm (43.5")

Read More
Annelea Blignaut
United States

"My relationship with food has changed completely"

All my life I have battled with extra weight, binge eating, extreme diets that made me lose the same 15 pounds and most of all a constant obsession with food, weathering it was what to eat next or how I could lose weight, my mind was a constant battle and it kept me from enjoying my life!!!

Read More
Cecilia Orvañanos – Lactation Consultant
Querétaro City, Mexico

"I have learned that there it must be a mental change to see a physical change"

Hello Everyone: Before this quest, I had problems with inflammation on my joints, fingers and feet. I had tried so many diets out there to try to reduce the swelling on my body so the pain will go away, and nothing had work.

Read More
Fam Bless – Wife, Mother, Mentor for my kids
Texas, United States

Stories on Improving Longevity

“I am 73 years old and the WildFit program contributes to my vitality and longevity”

When I began the WildFit 90 Day Quest , I wrote down my intention in my journal. I said that I wanted to find my "dancing body", experience greater energy and stamina, feel rested, learn more about nutrition, and develop healthy eating habits in Mexico.

Read More
Anita Eubank – Founder at Healing Studio of the Green Door
Wilmington, Delaware, United States

"I have the tools to stay healthy, instead of succumbing to the endless cycle that was created by our societies: the downward spiral of..."

[Relationship with food prior to WildFit] Erratic; full of guilt, blame, disappointment. Mostly I felt like I was a failure at managing it, although I do love the stuff.

Read More
Joyce Yaskowich – Literacy Consultant
Edmonton, Canada

"I am so grateful and in awe of who I am today after the Wildfit quest"

I have always had this fear whispering at the back of my head that I wouldn’t age well! It started when I turned 35. That was my scary age and I could not imagine a great life beyond that in terms of health, beauty and feeling great.

Read More
Brynmore Jordaan – Management Consulting Principal Director
Johannesburg, South Africa

Stories on Deeper Sleep

"I improved my sleep quality dramatically"

[Relationship with food like prior to WildFit]
I have always been chubby, since childhood, only once about 12 years ago I lost weight and was slim, but only because of the circumstances, all my life I had an issue with food eating disorders.

Read More
Eduardo Ramirez Montiel
United States

"Three months later and I am a new person!!"

This is an INTENSELY personal post. Back in February, I began a three month health journey with a program called Wild Fit. I began The journey at 156 pounds.

Read More
Jillian Imilkowski
San Diego, United States

"I have gained so much more than size changes in terms of quality of life and control over my mind"

Coming in to this program I was very skeptical that it was going to be another fad diet I wasted my money on to see some results just to go back to my old habits within a few weeks. My experience was quite the opposite.

Read More
Kathryn Kozody – Co-Founder, Dwarf Stars
Calgary, Canada

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