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Marsha Adams – Diabetes and WILDFIT


My story is about diabetes and the fear that word brings. It is a mean and nasty as the C-word. The thought of losing eyesight or toes and legs because of a malfunction of the body is alarming. This is my story of diabetes and WILDFIT. I knew the moment that I was in a diabetic state that I would not be someone who lived the rest of my life taking pills and shots to manage it I JUST WOULD NOT. I did not know what I would do; I knew I had to find the answer. I had to ignore my MD telling me that it was not curable … that it meant for sure I had cholesterol issues and was at risk of a stroke and heart attacks etc.

Oddly, he never spoke to me about my diet. I never asked what I was eating or made suggestions to change anything. He sent me to a class offered at the local hospital that was, at best, the information I got from a free pamphlet in the program’s office. It did not change anything about my lifestyle. I was on a mission when I came across WILDFIT in the Mind Valley curriculum. I did not know that my diabetes and WILDFIT would have the change it did. I was hoping it would aide me with weight loss, which I saw as necessary if I was going to bet diabetes. When I started the 90-day program, I was 284 lbs, and my Blood Glucose (BG) readings were in the 300s regularly. I took 30 units of insulin one a day, and the doctor was threatening to raise that dosage because the numbers had to change.

My transformation was gradual; my skin improved, my sleep improved, my apatite began to shift, my many cravings just disappeared. I did not just suddenly drop 20 lbs. I was worried that the program was not working for me, then, I did a three day fast, and that was all it took my body slipped into fat-burning my BG #s began a downwards run, and a whole new experience began. At that time, I got that I was in charge of what went into my body, and my body would heal itself if I gave it the right tools, which sometimes includes not eating anything for an extended time. It’s been 110 days since the start of the course I am at 258 and dropping, I am completely off of the insulin and never took the pills. My BG readings range from the 90s to 140, which could still use some work. As that puts my A1C in the 6. range, I am entirely sure I am on the right track.

I have created a new lifestyle out of this program, not just a change in a few meals but a change in how I view what I can do with my life when I set my mind to it. I share with others the most powerful lesson was getting deeply in touch with the WHY I was taking the program. I did not want to die the painful death of a person with diabetes. That emotionally devastating possibility moved me to let go of choices that I was holding onto out of familiarity and comfort. That was the hardest aspect of change and not that hard when you consider the alternative. I am continuing to build a new body and lifestyle. Thanks to everyone who has led or been on this journey with with diabetes and WILDFIT.

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