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The Path to Freedom Masterclass

Virginia Salas Kastillo interviews WILDFIT founder Eric Edmeades on the program that is transforming the health and lives of thousands of people.

In this 60 minute Masterclass, you will learn:

  • Why Eric started WILDFIT and his mission to change how people think about food
  • How Virginia lost 20 lbs in three months after 13 years of being on countless diet programs (and how you can too)
  • Six specific tools to end food cravings that sabotage your weight loss efforts
  • Why counting calories doesn’t work (and will never work)
  • The truth behind the “high fat” trend
  • How to finally start enjoying food so that you can eat without guilt
  • Why the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge is so successful
  • And, you’ll discover why WILDFIT may be the last “diet” you ever try, and the BEST community you’ll ever meet!

Want to give WILDFIT a little taste test?

We know that committing to the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge might be intimidating for you or doesn’t fit into your busy schedule.

We don’t want to let that stop your from sampling how this powerful program can change the way you eat, change how you look and feel, and above all – shift your relationship with food, permanently.

And so, we’ve taken the first 14 days of the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge and are offering it to you as a delicious bite sized taste test.

If you’ve struggled with emotional eating and feel trapped by food, the 14 Day Reset will help you understand why and help you feel free again.

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