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Michelle Templeton – 2019 Butterfly Award

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We are honored to congratulate the 2019 Butterfly Award winner, Michelle Templeton! 

Michelle stood out for this award. She embodies everything that WILDFIT values:  positivitivity, connection, community, growth and achieving optimal health.  

Michelle became a certified WILDFIT coach in 2019 and has helped many complete the WILDFIT challenge themselves. She found that she was sitting on a secret that she needed to share with the world, WILDFIT!

We’re excited to share with you what we learned about Michelle during her interview.

Michelle’s 90 Day Challenge Results

Michelle’s main reason for joining the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge was because she was tired of feeling tired as a mother. She got to the point that she was giving all her energy away, and as most mothers can relate, she was forgetting to nurture herself. Michelle sat down grieving her old self and her old energy and finally shared her feelings with her husband about doing something about their health. They then embarked on the challenge together.

After Michelle completed the program she found that she no longer felt tired in the afternoons, she didn’t crave foods she used to and her hormones balanced. The biggest wins for Michelle came later in Living WILDFIT. 

It was around 6 months later that she realized she was no longer using her inhaler. Michelle’s childhood asthma was GONE. She had been using an inhaler daily for many years and suddenly discovered that she just stopped, without even realizing it!

There is a huge importance for recognizing progress, rather than being focused on one specific goal. This could have been just one tiny little progress and Michelle could have still been sad because maybe she hadn’t lost all the weight yet, but no it’s always a celebration with WILDFIT!

One of the best quotes I can share with you from Michelle is:

“What we resist persists” so if clients are focused on the negative then that is what’s going to persist. She’s of the philosophy “where focus goes energy flows”, if we’re looking at the positive wins that we gain through the challenge, then this road becomes easier and a fun WILD ride to health.

WILDFIT Coaching

As stated earlier above, Michelle became a WILFIT coach because she felt like she was sitting on a BIG secret that needed to be shared with the world. Michelle comes from a family of Health Practitioners and has a background in teaching, so becoming a coach was the perfect natural progression. Michelle is very much a social butterfly. She loves listening, learning, and working with others. 

It was time to share her new addiction, being addicted to feeling good. 

Her favorite part about coaching is watching her clients go from point A to point B. From struggling and surviving to being energized and thriving! As well as when her clients reach out to her months/years later sharing how well they’re doing and all the NEW exciting improvements that have occurred in their life. 

To Michelle, the wonderful thing about being a WILDFIT coach is how new doors and opportunities arise, like being able to travel with Eric and meet the Hadza bushmen, TWICE! As well as, all the benefits that primal living offers. 

Words of Wisdom

Michelle shared an amazing piece of advice for new WILDFIT coaches:

”Get  involved in the community, collaborate with others because there’s so much learning to be gained from working with others and ask for help.”

She also shared some amazing words of wisdom with all of you! Which is to recognize your progress and try not to focus on just one goal. There are many benefits to WILDFIT.

What’s Next?

Michelle has some BIG things in the works. Right now she is continuing to work on the lesson for mothers which is understanding that you do your best when you nurture yourself. As a coach this enables her to put her health first. 

Michelle we can’t wait to see more of the amazing value you share with everyone! You’re on one amazing mission to support mothers from surviving to thriving!

A butterfly is like a magnet. Michelle is constantly evolving and yes transitioning to flying, but she’s still learning to spread her wings. 

Make sure to follow her to see what she’s up to.

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