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Go WILD, Go FIT, Go Feast

Bring our most popular WILDFIT recipes home for Mindvalley members! 

One of the most challenging aspects of taking on a new lifestyle can be figuring out what to eat that will both fuel and nourish you along the way.

Rather than playing a guessing game that so often ends in ordering takeout or setting a smoke detector off, let us help!

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Special Mindvalley offer: FREE

We’ve selected the best of the best of our tasty WILDFIT friendly recipes and curated three incredible cookbooks that will help serve you on your path to wellness.

This content is sure to be the perfect partner as you continue to commit yourself to Living WILDFIT, no matter the craving, no matter the event, no matter the mood.

Go WILD, Go FIT, Go Feast!

All recipes are:

Dairy Free

Sugar- Free

Gluten- Free

Soy- Free


PLUS! Each recipe is labeled with it’s appropriate WILDFIT season, never guess again!

Ready to start eating and Living WILDFIT?

Grab your set of digital copies now!

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