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Money Well Spent – A WILDFIT Success Story with Harri Parker

WILDFIT Success Story

What’s the best investment you could ever make?

In your family? In your career? Of course all of these are essential, but we’d like to argue that your health and longevity is equally as important.

A time investment, a money investment, it might sound scary, but what if it had the potential to completely change your life? You could spend more energy on the things that matter the most. That’s exactly what happened with Harri! Make sure to read about his success story below:

“I have been overweight my whole adult life. My relationship with food was never been great and I always snacked a lot on junk food and this often became my dinner. I loved gummy bears and junk chocolate. So, when I heard Eric talk about WILDFIT and he mentioned that there is now a cheaper option to Try WILDFIT, I just had to do it.

At that point I had nothing to lose. After those 2 weeks I knew I needed to continue as the message and delivery was so good and I already started to see changes.

I had not cooked for years and that was my biggest fear. When I started deep spring, I was able to cook all my meals and would only eat out 3 times a week, plus it was easy to customize the food I order. Now thinking back, I have saved more money by cooking myself and not eating junk than the program cost.

I lost 8kg during challenge and out of that 6kg was fat, but the biggest change was mentally. Moreover, now I want to share the message and transform other people’s lives as this has transformed mine. For that I will become a WILDFIT Coach.

Harri Parker

If you’re looking to completely change your life and make the best investment in your life, it’s possible that WILDFIT could be the life transformation that you’re look for. To take a “taste test” of WILDFIT, click this link:

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