Rewire Your Mind, Transform Your Relationship with Food

Unlock a harmonious connection between your mind and food, paving the way for lasting wellness and a revitalized relationship with nourishment through the transformative "Mind and Food" program.

Unlock True Freedom and Ultimate Vitality: Where Mind Meets Food in the Journey to Wellness

Let's get real: shedding those extra pounds isn't just about diets and workouts. It's about rewiring the way you think about food. "Mind and Food" by WILDFIT spills the beans on a secret – your body holds onto weight until you change your mind's playlist. No more crash diets or temporary fixes.

This program dives deep into the why behind your eating habits. We'll help you uncover the emotional ties, those sneaky beliefs, and the thoughts that have been playing in the background while you try to lose weight. With a little expert guidance, you'll be rewiring your brain for success. Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and hello to a partnership between your mind and food that finally sets you free to rock your wellness goals.

Dive into Your Food Story:

What Your Mind Has to Say

Ever wondered why you reach for that comfort food or can't resist that sweet treat? It's all in your mind's fascinating connection with food. "Mind and Food" by WILDFIT is here to unravel the mystery and make it fun. Get ready to peek into how your thoughts shape your eating habits and learn some cool tricks to give your relationship with food a makeover.

Say hello to understanding those sneaky habits and emotional ties that have been driving your food choices. Let's tackle those cravings head-on and learn how to make mindful decisions. With the "Mind & Food challenge," you're in for a journey that doesn't just change what's on your plate – it changes how you feel about it. Let's paint a new food story together and serve up a healthier, happier you!

Savor Every Bite

Reclaim Your Vitality

It's time to trade restriction for appreciation and guilt for pleasure. "Mind and Food" by WILDFIT is all about embracing food as a source of joy and energy. No more counting calories or depriving yourself – it's about understanding the alchemy of ingredients and crafting meals that resonate with your body's needs. From practical cooking tips to mindful eating practices, this journey will empower you to make food choices that nourish not only your physical well-being but also your emotional satisfaction. Get ready to ignite your taste buds and revitalize your life, one delicious bite at a time.

Challenge starts on

September 18th

Here’s What’s Included:

Only $149USD

Say Hello To The Experts

Meet your food expert

Jonas Kalinauskas

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Meet your food expert

Virginia Salas Kastilio

Virginia Salas Kastilio is a real life Genie that grants you infinite wishes. She is a serial entrepreneur, investor & blockchain expert who’s North Star is to make everyone around her wealthier & happier. Her goal for 2023 is to help generate 100 million for her network. She is a multi talented creator with expertise in media, marketing, wealth mindset, crypto, game design & relationships. Virginia is an influencer with a total following of 220k, she has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the "Top 27 Women to Change the World" & by Hackernoon as "One of the top 16 Women in the NFT space." She has spoken at the World Economic Forum, SXSW, The Climate Change Forum & over 100 other events. She is happily & passionately married to Jackson James Kubian, who is her beloved husband & business partner. Together they run “Humans I Trust” & “Husband & Wife Inc.”

Meet your food expert

Jackson James Kubian

Jackson is a multi-talented rapper, singer-songwriter, producer, dancer, renowned facilitator, emotional clearing practitioner & CFO of Humans I Trust, a global events company with a community built on trust & collaboration. Jackson loves being a wild Tarzan in nature, is open-minded and passionately married to his wife, Virginia Salas Kastilio. He believes everything has significance, including you reading this right now.

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