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More Than Expected – A WildFit Success Story with Verena Trautmann

Are you truly healthy?

You could be thinking: “well I’m not sick” or “I’m not considered overweight” or maybe “I’m always tired, but that’s natural”.

WildFit believes EVERYONE should live life to their fullest potential. Use their body optimally, without being dragged down by processed, sugary, junk foods.

Verena thought she was “healthy”, but after taking WildFit, she realized what true health is.

In her own words, here’s her experience with WildFit:

“I always thought of myself as a healthy person, but in the past 3 years my body started telling me different. Pain in my joints, bloating and menopause started taking it’s toll.

I wanted to start the WildFit program in January 2018 but couldn’t find the motivation. Finally in June 2019, I made the decision to do an internal and external clean up! I started August 5th 2019 without knowing what to expect. Could I maintain the routine?

After 3 months I can say that the results were more than fantastic. I lost 4 kg, burned 2 kg of fat, feel more energized (or alkagized), have NO pain in my joints and have better skin.

What was the most unexpected was how much WildFit has impacted my daily life and habits. What an interesting experience!

WildFit also supports my work as a coach. I can now show my customers how food habits are closely linked to our life habits. I’m very grateful for this experience and will NEVER fully slip back!!!!

The next logical step for me is to become a WildFit coach to help other people embrace this experience.”

Verena (very happy customer)

We’re thrilled about Verena’s enthusiasm. Not only is her story inspiring, but we think she would make an incredible WildFit coach.

You too, can start your health journey with the WildFit the 14 Day Reset. The 14 Day Reset will help you understand your relationship with food so that you have the power to choose what you do and don’t eat.  For more information, click the button below.

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