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Never Saw It Coming – A WildFit Success Story With Yousra Harkat

There’s nothing wrong with being skeptical of the health industry. Unfortunately, it has showed us time and time again that it can’t be trusted.

Eat this, or no don’t eat that! It’s a set of strict rules that don’t lead you anywhere except back to where you started.

Changing your habits and improving your health is about lasting change, not temporary solves. Something you can maintain and feels right.

We love Yousra’s story about how she found herself again after taking WildFit. Her list of positive benefits are incredible and we couldn’t be happier for her.

“WildFit changed my life in ways that I did not see coming! After years of illness, dieting, anxiety and depression, I finally feel like I am my true self again. Before joining the program I worked out with a trainer 6 times a week for at least an hour (for about 4 months). I was feeling sore and drained all day long and I still did not manage to achieve the results that WildFit helped me reach without exercising!

1. Health & Fitness wise: I lost over 8 kgs and about 10cm off my mid section. The most shocking, yet very satisfying wins are that my arms slimed down A LOT! No more flabby arms and no more double chin!!! My face really slimed down. I am able to fit in jeans that I was not able to wear for at least 7 years. My nails are so much stronger and they now grow really fast. My skin is so much clearer, brighter and softer. My sleep improved significantly. I barely have any cravings now and even when some come during the day, they go away within a matter of seconds, without using ANY willpower

2. Self esteem wise: WildFit taught me how to listen to my body and how to understand the signals it sends me. I now believe that my body is able to heal itself when I take care of it properly. Being able to wear “that” dress that I could never fit in gave me an insane confidence boost. I always had a low self esteem, but not anymore! I actually enjoy posing for pictures now!

3. Business wise: With the increased confidence and trust in my body, I stepped up my game and decided to launch my own business (on top of a full time job). Eric is such an inspiring human, he’s constantly sharing valuable and practical tips that can be applied to many life aspects. Seeing myself go through the challenge day by day and celebrating each and every small win proved to me that I can achieve ANY goal I set for myself be it in my personal or business life

4. Lifestyle wise: My daily routine changed. I am a lot more efficient, I managed to cut down my expenses drastically because I now value myself enough to make time to prepare my own meals and enjoy them mindfully (I never knew my way around the kitchen before). I value and respect myself a lot more and I truly feel aligned with my higher self. WildFit also taught me how to minimize my stress levels and maximize my happiness

5. Overall program logistics: WildFit is NOT a “diet” program! I was never hungry during the program, not for a single day!! From the very early stages, I knew I was making a lifestyle change. I knew I did not want to get back to my previous eating habits. I love how supportive the coaches are throughout the ENTIRE program. All my questions were addressed, I never felt alone because I had an entire tribe to connect with. Listening to people share their experience on the weekly calls was very helpful and inspiring. The program was really designed in a very thoughtful manner

My entire relationship with food is changed FOR-EVER! I feel that I unlocked a whole new level for my body, my mind and my soul after going through WildFit. The best part is: completing the WildFit challenge does not feel like an end. It is the beginning: the beginning of a life full of true FREEDOM, happiness, self love and an incredibly high potential. “

Yousra Harkat

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