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New Person – A WildFit Success Story with Linda Klopper

When was the last time something or someone transformed your entire life?

Not for a long time? Probably because it doesn’t happen very often…

It’s so easy to stay set in our ways, carry out the same routine everyday. Often, we’re too afraid to take a leap towards change. It seems like the scariest thing in the world, even if the end result is the most liberating.

While the journey is not always the easy, it’s important to keep track of progress and wins.

We’re so enthused to share Linda’s journey with our WildFit Tribe. She has such an incredible story to tell about how WildFit transformed her life. Make sure to read all her “wins”:

“This is my story: Coming from an eating disorder as a young fashion model to obese after menopause. My secret life revolved around binge eating and self loathing, beating myself up on a daily basis about my lack of discipline and willpower. I’ve always been a body-proud person and the more I felt out of control, the more I became depressed and the more depressed I was the more binging happened. It was a downward spiral which turned my life into a nightmare, insomnia was at the order of the day with not more than 4 hours sleep and my cholesterol was relatively high. I tested with a fatty liver and my body was riddled with cellulite and poor muscle strength. At the age of 50 I was a perfect size 10, however unhealthy and annual trips to hospital with pneumonia. At 56 I was a size 18 and well on my way to 100 kgs.

I’m not sure if words can convey the true energy of the change Wildfit brought to my life, lifestyle and my overall well-being.

Not only did it transform me from a size 18 to a size 12 (36), I lost 96 cm overall and 15.8 kgs( 34.7 pounds). I could literally feel my stomach and hips melting away. Being that big, my neck lost 4cm and I now feel taller. My body loved and embraced WildFit.

My wins are:
Restored Energy, sparkling and jumping for joy
Restored Self Confidence
Restored Discipline
Restored Pride
Restored ‘like a Boss’
Restored immune system, not even a runny nose during winter, traipsing down the balcony stairs (barefoot) in the middle of the night at – 4°C onto frosted lawn to take my new puppy to do his thing. My lungs collapsed as a child and I’m highly susceptible to pneumonia. It was my annual ‘super power’. This must have been my first year in over 30 years that I didn’t get sick at all!!!
Cholesterol normal
My body wants to move and exercise is now fun
I’m not hiding myself behind big jackets anymore and dressing isn’t a dreadful task. 
Glorious beautiful amazing sleep of at least 8 hours.

WildFit for life. I still have at least another 10 kgs to go before I’m in Category 1. Nothing will stop me from achieving that. I’m FREE!”

Linda Klopper

We’re truly inspired by Linda’s successes. She’s free to take on all the challenges in her life and we can’t wait to see all the places she’ll go.

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