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Optimal Health Through A New Lens – A Success Story with Jasen

WF - Before & After

It’s true that some diet programs are successful at helping individuals release weight, but these programs miss out on explaining WHY the food decisions we make are so critical to helping us improve our entire lifestyle. Here at WILDFIT, our program focuses on the importance of emphasizing multiple aspects of food psychology, understanding your eating habits, introducing seasonal eating, and so much more.

Before starting WILDFIT, Jasen was already doing quite well in terms of releasing weight, eating well, and improving his lifestyle. However, he still had many symptoms that he couldn’t get rid of, and he wanted to better understand how his food choices could play a role in his overall health. Jasen shares his story about how much he learned and gained from the WILDFIT Program, and the amazing results he experienced from it. Read his story below!

Jasen’s WILDFIT Transformation:

“Coming into this WILDFIT Program I had lost 116 lbs over the past 12 months, eating mostly a paleo-type diet. I instantly and completely gave up sugar, wheat, gluten, dairy, and processed foods. I had no withdrawal symptoms like headaches or any strong cravings for sugar. I was so fortunate. I never smoked, did drugs, or drank alcohol. However, I was 300 lbs and 60 years old. I was not on any medication, but I did have high blood pressure, AFib, my legs would go numb, I had Sleep Apnea, snored like a freight train, and I would have to get up to pee about every half hour so I did not get any deep sleep and I would nod off during the day often. I had other problems too.

All of those symptoms disappeared within one month by changing my food choices to the ones I mentioned above. By coincidence, my food choice changes were very close to, if not exactly the same as the WILDFIT Program. By the time the WILDFIT program started, I weighed 184 pounds.

I joined the WILDFIT quest because I wanted to learn more about eating for optimal health. I am so glad I took this program. It explained why I was so successful with what I had been doing the past year. I was unconscious about the conversations with the food devil and sugar monster before the program. I really did not have any problem with them by the time I started the program. So I started to notice some of the conversations in my head, but they were not trying to tempt me to eat something I should avoid but more like remember what this food used to do to you, and how you felt and looked after eating that for years. This program taught me the idea of going into spring and it was eye-opening and very helpful. I now know how to go in and out of spring easily.

I lost 12 lbs during the program, but more impressive was the 16 inches that I lost overall. Five of them around my stomach.

I also went down to a size 36 pants from a size 38. It looks like more than 12lbs in my before and after pictures. I did take pictures at the beginning of the program without a shirt on and in gym shorts, but since I lost 128 lbs over the past year and I am 61 years old I have a bit of loose skin and feel self-conscious about it. So at the end of the program here is one with a shirt on (pictured below).

Also if you look back to a prior post I made at the beginning of the program, I shared a picture of myself in a suit from January 2019 when I was 300lbs at the time. It was just after this picture was taken that I changed my food choices to match the WILDFIT Program, and 12 months later I started WILDFIT. I also shared a picture of me in a similar suit having lost 116lbs in that one-year span. This shows just how powerful this program can be.

I had the correct food choices during that entire time, but I lacked the understanding of the seasons and the internal dialogue. I also did not know exactly why I was so successful at dropping the weight, however, I did have an accountability partner and that was a big key to my successfully sticking to the changes I had made with what I ate. I know I was successful with what I had done, but if I had started the WILDFIT program one year earlier, I feel I would have done even better.

I want to thank Eric, all of the WILDFIT Coaches, the WILDFIT tribe, and Mindvalley. You are all truly saving lives and empowering individuals to take control of their lives. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

Transformation Photos Below:


Congratulations, Jasen! We are so proud of your WILDFIT Journey outcomes and your amazing transformation.

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