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Petra Ivan – HQ Coach of the Year


We are honored to congratulate the 2019 WILDFIT Headquarters Coach of The Year, Petra Ivan! 

This award is very well deserved. 

Petra is one of the biggest behind the scenes supporters of WILDFIT. She is our WILDFIT Master Coach that assists new WILDFIT coaches while they teach their very first WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge.

She is a blessing to all of us and on behalf of WILDFIT and all WILDFIT coaches we would like to congratulate Petra for her well deserved award. 

Let’s Get to Know Petra

Petra knew Eric before ALL of us! Her partner at the time was in Eric’s fourth WILDFIT class and Petra had the honor of observing the class and participating herself. 

Similar to many of us, once she completed the program she wanted more. 

Petra’s health journey began 12 years prior to when WILDFIT entered her life. However, after the program she found that everything she was initially confused about suddenly became clear. 

Her completion of the 90  Day Challenge was perfectly aligned with the inaugural launch of the WILDFIT Coaching Certification program. She was so passionate and knew she wanted this, but was terrified of the marketing side. However, her feeling of “I want to teach this” overruled and she applied. 

During her application phase, a job opening with WILDFIT HQ became available and from there on out Petra worked for WILDFIT!

Fun Fact:

One of Petra’s favourite things to do in the world is to eat peaches fresh from a tree.

Coaching WildFit Coaches

Petra’s favorite part of supporting new WILDFIT coaches, is that they have the dream she still holds within her. She loves that they are willing to take steps forward to reach their dreams and that she is able to be there and support them along the way.

She loves when new coaches recognize it’s a positive thing to bring their own personality into their WILDFIT coaching. As well as when their confidence flip switches and they go from being nervous or fearful to excited and courageous!

Petra’s favorite coach transformation was when one coach had two clients leave the program in Week Seven of the 90 Day Challenge. They were disappointed, discouraged and unsure of themselves. It wasn’t until the last call with Petra when the coach jumped on and shared how they feel they can’t fail while teaching this program. Even the ones who dropped out, had their lives transformed. 

One thing Petra’s finds is that new coaches who come into the WILDFIT Coaching Certification program after being led by another WILDFIT coach, often begin with the mental block that they can’t teach as well as their coach. She enjoys watching their breakthroughs as they evolve their own style and confidence within their coaching skills.

Thank you 

Petra is full of gratitude to receive the 2019 HQ Coach of The Year award. She is very thankful for all the extra love and support she received during the ceremony. 

Petra on behalf of WILDFIT we want to give you a big heartfelt thank you for all you do behind the scenes, for our coaches, for our community and for us. 

Lastly, I would like to end with some amazing wise words from Petra:

“The road is sometimes bumpy, but there’s always a way forward and a way out”


Connect with Petra:

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