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Piece of Cake – A WILDFIT Success Story with Kimberly & Tom Huddleston

WILDFIT Success Story

Sorry there’s no piece of cake included in this story! But the reward is even more satisfactory.

We hear a lot about our clients success’s, many to do with turning down sugar after finishing the WILDFIT 90 Day program. Not because it’s labelled as bad “bad”, but because they no longer want it. Now if this sounds hard, you’re not the only one who thinks so. Saying “no thanks” to the treats you’ve been exposed to over your entire life, isn’t an easy one.

Well for Kimberly and Tom, this is even one step further, because guess what? They work in the food industry. They’re exposed to these foods ALL THE TIME. It’s this unique factor that makes this success story even more rewarding.

Here’s their experience with the WildFit 90 Day program:

My husband Tom and I did WILDFIT together. I am amazed that we are both still fully committed to this lifestyle. It has been hard at points, but compared to all the other diets we have gone through, this is a piece of cake. We continue to have conversations with ourselves about foods that are not really foods as we work with food every day. We own a restaurant that specializes in home-baked foods ie. bread, desserts and the best burgers around. We have struggled with food our whole lives because we both grew up in the restaurant business.

With the whole Covid 19, I am not sure what the universe has in store for us but I am hoping that it will change the way we do business. The WILDFIT program really educated us about the foods we were eating and helped us see and feel how undernourished we were. Thank you for giving us a direction that is manageable. We will continue to live WILDFIT and share it with all that are interested. Thanks again.”

Tom and Kimberly

If they can steer clear of the processed and sugary foods, don’t you think you could as well?

The truth is, saying goodbye to sugar comes from fueling your body with the raw and wholesome foods that your body needs. If your someone who loves to have healthy snacks on hand, we have the perfect thing for you… Click here for your FREE snack pack guide, and never go hungry again.

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