Puzzle Solved – A WildFit Success Story with Robyn Yost

WildFit Team

WildFit Team

We don’t have a before and after photo for this incredible transformation, but Robyn’s journey is clear in her words.

We often forget that eating healthy is less about “not eating this” or “not eating that”. It’s about the psychology and attachment we have to the food we eat.

Once we understand why we eat certain things, it’s easier to decide “yes I want to eat this” or “no I don’t want this”.

We love Robyn’s success story. She fully embraces the behavioral elements of the WildFit Method. Here’s what she has to say about her journey with the WildFit 90 Day Experience:

“I have been a mental health professional and am over 50 years of age.  I bought into “you gain weight as you get older and hormones change.”  I could NOT find a healthy way to release weight. 

I tried many things and nothing FIT, nothing made SENSE, and nothing WORKED!  I started learning about the Broken Brain and how nutrition and gut health affects mental health and was intrigued!  Then WildFit serendipitously fell into my lap!  It fits!  It makes sense!  It works!  And the behavioral component is the KEY, in my opinion!  It is smart, deliberate, educational, logical and SO powerful with the psychological components!  I knew I would learn from it and would probably see some weight loss, but had NO idea or any expectation of the benefits: more energy, healthier skin, stable moods and SO much more (besides weight loss).  

I didn’t even LIKE VEGETABLES before this, now I CRAVE THEM! I am thrilled with my results and food freedom, not to mention my health trajectory in the future.  I knew our food effects every bit of our being, but I had NO idea HOW to fix or address or change it AT ALL!  Now all the puzzles pieces are in place to see the picture of how we are brainwashed and need to take our health back from the food industry!  I not only have the tools now to help myself, but this program has the potential to incorporate into my counseling/coaching career and make a difference in a much more powerful way.  

I believe wholeheartedly in holistic approaches, and nutrition CANNOT be left out of mainstream counseling/coaching!  I hope/intend to invest in the WildFit coaching program as soon as I am able. Thank you to Eric and all of the team for changing my life and creating a food revolution and paradigm shift for more and more people!  I feel hope we can be a healthier country and world now!

Robyn Yost”

We were thrilled to hear about Robyn’s success!

It’s the WildFit mission to help as many people find their food freedom. It worked for Robyn and we know it can work for you too.

Try the first 14 days of the WildFit 90 Experience. It dives deep into the food psychology that led Robyn on the path to success. Find out more below!

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WildFit Team

WildFit Team

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