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Quick Alkagizer Hacks


The alkagizer is a cornerstone of living WILDFIT. Now that you’ve been living this lifestyle for a while, you’re incredibly familiar with the alkagizer and have started craving one every day.

Have you ever gotten a little bored and tried experimenting with the flavor? If you haven;t, luckily our team experimented for you so you can know how to switch it up a bit!

For starters, in the course of experimentation, these are the things that did NOT taste good when we put them in our alkagizers.


Dandelion is full of nutrients. This lawn pest has been known to be quite detoxifying and packedfull of antioxidants, fibre, and vitamin A. this seemed like a great addition to the alkagizer. This idea was quickly quashed as soon as it was tasted. Dandelion has a very strong taste and make the alkagizer VERY bitter. This didn’t taste good, so when you pull lthem from your lawn, don’t put them in your alkagizer!

An Abundance of Kale

While kale is a great way to get a lot of fibre, folate, and magnesium, it’s also a great way to make your alkagizer way too bitter to handle. That being said, make sure you add kale, it’s an important alkagizer ingredient and worth the nutrients, but go a bit easy to save your tastebuds.

With that out of the way, here’s what you can add to switch up your alkagizer in a yummy way!

Try some spices

It has been reported that using chili powder, garlic, ginger, onion powder, and tumeric sparingly can all make your alkagizer a bit more savory and balance out the aftertaste left by the spinach. Try different combinations of these spices. Start small though, with these powerful flavor boosters, a little goes a long way.


Dandelions weren’t the flowers for the alkagizer, but roses might be! Rosewater is water flavored with rose petals. It’s used for skincare purposes and for religious reasons throughout Europe and Asia. You can get it at any grocery store that carries a wide selection of international and ethnic foods. It adds a beautiful aroma to your alkagizer and gives a satisfying earthy, flowery flavor to your alkagizer.

Banana or pear (not in spring!)

Swapping your apple in your Alkagizer Mild for a banana or pear is a great way to add a different kind of sweetness to your alkagizer while still providing a high nutritional value to your alkagizer!

Have you added anything to your alkagizer recipe that you LOVED? Let us know!

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19 thoughts on “Quick Alkagizer Hacks”

  1. I use just a dash of apple cider vinegar — and I mean a dash.
    You just need a half a capful of the stuff and get the good vinegar with the mother.
    People who are on any kind of blood thinner need to be careful how much kale they eat.

  2. Kale – Working the leaves a bit helps the bitterness of kale in salads and the alkagizer. After washing, rub the leaves, and scrunch the crinkly edges in your hands… really does help!! This helps to release the nutrients as well.

  3. Kale – defo takes the stalks off . Kale & Coriander love each other. Or try a dash of lime and smoked chilli spice – yum! Works hot too xxx

    1. I make a large mug of herbal tea using 2 tea bags and infuse for about 40 minutes to give a strong flavour until the infusion has cooled. I then refrigerate this and add in place of that quantity of water in the Alkagiser. I used Pukka Tea, Lemongrass and Ginger, as it’s very zingy and the flavours shine through. It’s a British brand which uses high grade herbs based on Ayuvredic medicine. You could use any herbal tea – just make sure it has no green or white tea in it so it’s caffeine free.

  4. Fresh garlic with the cilantro is an amazing metal detox. I highly recommend. (Maybe add in chlorella).

    Hibiscus tea instea of water is tasty… though the color is not as nice.

  5. I can’t add kale/endive because it has not been around where I live a lot, also bleh!
    I just stick to: coriander, avocado, water, spinach, mini-cucumber, celery, dash of lemon, herbamare, cinnamon.
    However, at one point, my avocado’s were rotten, and no frozen ones available, so…

    I added walnut oil. I highly recommend this.
    Also sometimes I just dump in leftover lettuce.

    Alkagizer No-No’s:
    Green bell pepper. And also making a soup of alkagizer when Kale and endive are involved together with avocado… that was almost a traumatic experience ;). Through the toilet with it!

  6. salt and olive oil!
    During Spring instead of trying to make it taste good without an apple or fruit I just make it a mixed salad!

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