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Radu Sofronea – Coach of the Year


The Team here at WILDFIT wants to send a huge congratulations to 2020 Coach of the Year Radu Sofronea

Radu’s inspirational commitment to transforming lives with his work as a dedicated WILDFIT Coach has caught our attention and is more than enough reason to celebrate. So we sat down with Radu to uncover why he chose WILDFIT, how it’s impacted his life, what advice he has for other Coaches and so much more…

Radu’s humbled response to this achievement speaks to how much he values his work with WILDFIT. “It is a very big thing for me to receive this award, because first of all, I wasn’t expecting it.” He continued to explain that over the past year, through all of the trials and tribulations thrown his way, he continued to work extremely hard at growing his business and reach with the WILDFIT message. 

“I wasn’t sure if it was worth it,” he admitted. “I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, and to receive this award, it was a relief for me to see I have done some good in the world.” 

For a journey that began on a whim by investing in the WILDFIT MindValley program, Radu’s progress within the brand has been one we truly admire. Throughout the interview he is candid about his expectations, how he believed everything would be easy and fall into his lap when it came to creating his Coaching business. True to his gritty outlook on life, Radu didn’t let anything hold him back from achieving the potential he knew was possible. 

He didn’t start out with a network he could share WILDFIT with. He didn’t know how to attract the clients he wanted to share WILDFIT with. But what he did have was the firsthand knowledge that WILDFIT could truly change lives, just like it did his. “I just kept pushing.”

Referring to his experience listening to Eric talk about WILDFIT at a MindValley event Radu shared, “It was a life-changer for me. Of course after that I immediately moved towards becoming a Coach.”

One of the most interesting questions we like to ask our WILDFIT Community is what made them decide to invest in themselves? We all know an investment in ourselves is one of the most challenging investments to make, simply because we often don’t believe we deserve them. 

For Radu he had spent most of his life trolling the treat table, known as the guy who couldn’t pass by without grabbing a cookie. 

“I didn’t realize the massive change WILDFIT had had on me until one of my colleagues stopped me. ‘Radu, don’t you want to try a cookie?’ In that moment, I was looking at the food and I realized that food was not for me. This was the biggest change that I’d seen in myself; from the person that couldn’t resist a snack to the person that sees it completely differently now. I want to help other people do that.”

Cookie monster no more! 

Living WILDFIT has not only helped Radu step away from the snacks, but it’s also challenged him to grow as a person. 

“After only two years, I’m really learning how to receive. When somebody would tell me, ‘Thank you for what you’ve done for me,’ I would just think, ‘I’m glad for you, but it’s you, not me.’ Now I can accept that it’s with my help and guidance that my clients have made these incredible achievements. That’s a wonderful feeling.” 

For many, the idea of running your own business can be a daunting one. But Radu didn’t let that intimidate him. He saw the potential in front of him and moved towards it. “The benefits are really starting to show after all of the work we’ve put in over the last year. It takes time.” 

Radu credits a lot of his success to his patient and supportive wife, who helps with his marketing behind the scenes. 

His advice for Coaches just starting out? 

“Start slowly, and don’t expect a vacation. Be patient and take it step by step, client by client.”

Exactly what Radu has had to do, and look where it’s gotten him!

Accepting the Coach of the Year award isn’t where it stops for him either. So what’s next?

“My goal is to have more clients but also more Coaches to help me offer more support for our clients. A private experience that adds more value. I want to offer something more.” Radu’s network spans Romania and much of the world, so he looks forward to working with other Romanian Coaches to make this goal a reality in the future. 

Of course to top off our interview, we had to know… Does Radu truly enjoy the Alkagizer? We didn’t expect his answer to come when we asked what his favourite WILDFIT recipe was! “The Alkagizer.” Now if that doesn’t make for a perfect Coach of the Year, we don’t know what will.

Radu’s reminder to anyone curious about WILDFIT or even moving through the program:

“It’s not a diet. It’s about you. It’s about learning; seeing the old habits and replacing them with new habits. Work with your Coaches, and be patient. If you can do that, then you’re going to get the results you desire. If you’re open-minded and ready to receive the results, then we’re going to change your life.” 

The changes Radu has seen in himself will continue to evolve as he continues his journey with WILDFIT, and his commitment to ensuring you experience those same results is what will always keep him as a Coach of the Year in our eyes. 

Congratulations Radu!

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