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Recipes To Help Strengthen Libido and Improve Digestion

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These recipes are all deeply satisfying, work to strengthen your vitality and libido, and actually improve your digestion rather than defeat it. Ultimately, we believe the key to an aphrodisiac is that it is prepared, served and consumed with a lot of care and love. Enjoy!

Luscious Cacao Pudding

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This luscious, creamy dessert also works wonders in rejuvenating the body, creating longevity, supporting your libido and boosting stamina.  The chocolate delight includes the power of roots and mushrooms foraged for millenia for these exact purposes- and now you can do the same quickly and easily in your own kitchen! Whip this up fresh and enjoy decadence that will support instead of deplete you and your health. Enjoy!

Raw Coconut Cream Cookies 

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The holidays bring the obligation to give, receive and potentially consume food gifts- especially in the form of cookies. The base of these cookies are usually butter, white flour and sugar- coated in more chemically colored sugar. Basically, the antithesis of WILDFIT food. So, what if there was a cookie made of completely supportive foods that can even be modified to be eaten in Spring? It’d be pretty fantastic right? Here it is:

Crab Bisque

For the full recipe, visit: 

In honor of creating new traditions, I decided to take a rich, decadent recipe that is high in nutrients and make it WILDFIT friendly. This Crab Bisque is a great appetizer for fancy dinner parties, and a nice main course on cold winter nights- or any night for that matter! You can also make it a weekday evening dish by using MSC certified canned crab rather than fresh blue crab. Although it contains no dairy, it is still very buttery, creamy and flavorful so WildFitters and friends alike will be impressed with this secretly healthy Crab Bisque.

Harissa Sauce 

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Many WildFitters struggle with replacing ketchup, or finding ways to add variety to their meals. Enter Harissa, a North African Paste made mainly of roasted chili peppers. This spicy sauce can heat up any meal, adding an interesting kick to tomato or BBQ sauces, hummus, salad dressings, on roasted vegetables or in traditional Tunisian and Moroccan dishes.

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