Are the current world events causing you to turn to food for comfort and security?

Do you feel powerless over food and wish you could say NO to your cravings?

Is eating the only thing that soothes you when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed?



Imagine a life where you are empowered and free to choose what you do and don’t eat. 

A life where food is used to nourish and energize your body and boost your immune system rather than soothe emotions. 

This is the WildFit way of life and it starts with learning how to shift your mindset and relationship with food.

This program made more sense than ANYTHING I've tried in the past.

- Tracy


Get live and interactive coaching

from Eric Edmeades in this
Special Edition of
the 14 Day Reset.

The WildFit 14 Day Reset Starts on Monday, September 21st


Our signature program, the WildFit 90 Day Challenge, was designed to change how you feel about food.

And most of that internal shift happens in the first 14 days.

It’s in these first 2 weeks that you’ll achieve powerful insight into something you’ve struggled with for years.

You’ll realize that your many (MANY) diet strategies to lose weight have been the exact reason your emotional eating has gotten worse year after year, pound after pound.

We want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way.


Your WildFit “Taste Test”

For the first time ever, we’ve taken the first 14 days of our 90 Day Challenge and are offering it to you now so that you can see for yourself what makes the WildFit method different than any other diet you’ve tried. 

Let’s face it. 

“Losing weight” is still high on the list of things people wish they could do. And now, people around the world are realizing they need to take it further than this.

We're realizing that WE have the power to create a healthy body, strong immune system and focused energy.

And what usually destroys all of those really good intentions and efforts? 

Emotional and stress eating. Let's make that stop now.

It’s time to choose YOU over food

The WildFit 14 Day Reset Starts on Monday, September 21st

We get it. You might be saying:

“I can’t start this now! There is too much going on in the world and I feel overwhelmed.

We understand.

What if we told you that you won’t have to give up ANY of your favorite foods.

Really, we mean it. 

You won’t have to buy any special foods or clean out your pantry. 

We promise.

You won’t have to change how you eat.
You WILL learn to change how you think.

And we’ll guide you every step of the way.

You have improved my life already, in only 2 short weeks, and I haven't given up anything from my old ways of eating

- John

I am so grateful that I’ve stumbled across Wildfit. I'm pretty sure it's going to change my life!

- Jessica

What's included in the
14 Day Reset?


The WildFit Video Training Program

Through daily emails and ten in-depth videos, WildFit founder Eric Edmeades will walk you through the food mindset and lifestyle changes at the core of the WildFit philosophy.


Weekly LIVE coaching sessions with a Certified WildFit Coach

Three times each week, you’ll join a Facebook Live real-time video coaching session where you’ll receive direct support, encouragement and feedback from a Certified WildFit Coach.


Private WildFit Facebook Community Space

Committing (and sticking) to any lifestyle change is that much easier when you’re surrounded by like-minded people. Our WildFit coaches will also be in this group to support you and answer any questions you may have.


Recordings of all Coaching Sessions

The recordings will come in handy if you have to miss any of the live coaching sessions. Re-watch them as often as you have access to the private facebook community.

If you’ve been wanting to try the WildFit 90 Day Challenge but are still unsure, try the first 14 days and get a sneak peek at why this program is so successful at helping people shed weight, gain energy and shift their relationship with food, permanently!

The WildFit 14 Day Reset

Starts on Monday, September 21st

Save your spot today!


$27 USD

Read more Success Stories

The 14 Day Reset was just the beginning, I can't wait to continue my WildFit journey!

- Ylva Stokki

I am so grateful that I’ve stumbled across Wildfit. I'm pretty sure it's going to change my life!

- Jessica

Joining the 14 Day Reset is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

- Nick

Food Does Not Have Power Over You.

Reset Your Relationship with Food, the WildFit way.

We believe there is no health program that can transform your entire lifestyle in 14 days. We also believe “get thin quick schemes don’t work’. This is why the 14 Day Reset will help you understand your relationship with food so that you have the power to choose what you do and don’t eat.

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