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“I’ve released 20 lbs in the past 3 weeks.”

“I cannot say enough about this program. I’ve been struggling with weight gain for 8 years, since weaning myself off if 10 high dose medications. I’ve done so many diets and programs, taken supplements, done detoxes and cleanses all with varied results. Nothing has come clean we to this. I’ve finally gotten off of dairy, I’ve released 20 lbs in the past 3 weeks, have absolutely no cravings for chips, ice cream or chocolate (all of which I used to binge on regularly). I finally understand why I’ve struggled so much, and I have developed a more natural and healthy relationship with food. I feel no desire to overeat or to have snacks. It’s shocking how much my psychology around food has changed. I look at junk food items and think, yeah I doubt I’ll ever want that gain. I think this should be taught in schools. My level of gratitude is so high that my eyes are tearing up as I type this. Take this program, it is the most comprehensive way of getting rid of unhealthy eating habits. Period.”

Dawn Carson



“Clear skin, better sleep, and I had also reached my goal weight. Bonus!!”

“I joined WildFit, somewhat uncertain if I would receive many benefits since I was already eating mostly paleo, and considered myself quite knowledgeable in healthy eating.

However, despite all that, I was still experiencing daily gastrointestinal issues – upset stomach, bloating, and generally not feeling great…so I decided to give WildFit a try. I thoroughly enjoyed the program, and the new perspectives offered by Eric Edmeades and his team of coaches.

About mid-way through the program, I realized that I hadn’t had any gastrointestinal issues for a while… and by the end of the program, I had a number of other benefits- clear skin, better sleep, and I had also reached my goal weight. Bonus!!

This is not your typical “diet” program… this is not about willpower – no hunger, no insane workouts, no suffering. This is a new, awesome way of life. And I don’t know about you, but I intend to THRIVE in this life, not just survive!”

Kristin Powers

Completed the WildFit 90 Day Challenge through Mindvalley



“I am really grateful for WildFit. It has truly changed my life.”

“I began my WildFit journey in October 2016 at 239 pounds. I was tired all the time. I had no motivation to exercise or control the way I ate.

I had a pretty serious sugar addiction that ruled me. I knew I had to do something. I watched a webinar and thought I would give WildFit a try. I didn’t really expect it to work for me, after all, nothing else had. To my surprise, I began to see changes pretty quickly.

I was able to maintain motivation and the pounds came off. I have lost a total of 46 pounds to date. My body fat has gone down 14.60% and my BMI is down 7.2%. I feel in control of the way I eat. If I decide to eat something that I know isn’t good for me, I know that I have the power to make a different choice next time.

I don’t beat myself up for it, and I continue to lose weight. I exercise regularly and I make sure that I give my body what it needs. I am really grateful for WildFit and the WildFit team. They have truly changed my life.”

Amy Hunt

Completed the WildFit 90 Day Challenge through Mindvalley


On WildFit Marie learned about food and how the psychology of food had an impact on her. She felt it offered a great perspective on looking at the body, understanding the symptoms she had experienced in the past and how those interacted within her body. Much to her surprise, through WildFit Marie came to learn that she had allergies that she hadn’t been aware she had before and she was then able to let go of these. Identifying the root cause that some foods had on her body, allowed her to then redirect her life with these in mind, dramatically reducing her allergic responses and also helping decrease pain in her joints without her undertaking any additional practices apart from WildFit. Marie achieved quick and easy results, like none she had ever been able to achieve on any other program before.

Marie Diamond, Global Transformational Teacher, Speaker and Author



 “No other program I tried delivered these results.”

“I have been liberated from the emotional hunger and cravings for junk food that I struggled with all my life. I broke a new plateau in weight loss, body fat, and gained more energy. My metabolism has also shifted from feeling cold all the time to now feeling warm all the time.This is the first winter season in New York that I don’t feel cold and can wear very minimum clothing in freezing weather. Even with a lower body fat, I’m much warmer and comfortable. No other program I tried delivered these results.

WildFit helped me learn about food and its impact on energy, life, and well-being. Living the WildFit lifestyle after completing the 90 Day challenge has been life changing. I learned how to cook, what to eat, and what not to eat and avoid.

Even after the 90 Day challenge was over, I have transformed the way I eat, what I eat, and when I eat. I no longer have cravings for sweets, and because of this do not experience sugar crashes. I also do not feel the need for snacking and I don’t have random hunger cravings during the day or night anymore. I work in a medical clinic and am exposed to people with the cold and flu everyday, but this is the first year I did not catch any illness. My immune system has never been this great before.

Before WildFit I always felt cold and tired, and after WildFit, I feel warm and energetic. Even the doctors I work with are asking me about how to do the WildFit Challenge after observing my results in weight loss, health, and the difference in my energy. After losing weight and having my complexion and skin clear up, new people that I meet think I am 10 years younger than I actually am.

WildFit has also helped me with workouts and recovery. Before WildFit I had to workout 5 to 6 days a week intensely but after doing the WildFit Challenge I now only have to workout 2 days a week less than an hour to maintain lean muscle mass and keeping body fat low. It saves so much time not having to be at the gym so much.”

 Amir Khan

Completed the WildFit 90 Day Challenge through Mindvalley


 “I have experienced an amazing increase in energy and aliveness.”

“I continue to have remarkable success even after the WildFit program has ended. That for me was the true test of the effectiveness of this program. Eric Edmeades and his dedicated team have created an easy and very thorough journey to sustainable healthy eating and living practices. Not only did I lose and keep off unwanted weight, I have experienced an amazing increase in energy and aliveness. This is not just a program, it is a welcome and satisfying approach to living.”

 Phyllis Haynes


“The WildFit program changed my life”

“The WildFit program changed my life. Knowing what we should eat to be healthy is one thing being able to put it into daily practice is another. WildFit gave me the tools to easily make the changes to living a healthier life which has led to increased joy, energy and amazing changes. In releasing the weight I regained my self-confidence and self-esteem which was hidden under fat gained over the years.

Since then I have joined the WildFit Team and became a Certified WildFit Coach to help others transform their lives.”

April Antonia


When Ken began his WildFit journey, he was not confident that this program, like other methods he had tried before, would be able to offer him different results. Nevertheless, he set himself a goal to lose weight, and through WildFit was extremely pleasantly surprised to end up releasing around 20 pounds. Ken had a lot of fun on his WildFit journey and made many friends along the way, making his mission to lose weight a fun and friendly experience.

Ken Honda, Author and Motivational Speaker



“It’s more than a weight loss program, it’s a lifestyle program”

“I’ve tried a lot of diets and health programs over the years. Some worked, some didn’t. But inevitably I’d reach a point when the restrictions or energy required to maintain the program became too much. That all changed with WildFit.

WildFit doesn’t require investing in a mountain of supplements, or frozen dinners or counting calories or any number of other challenges that most programs have. It’s straightforward making smart choices and being really clear on what those choices are without having to consult an app or a book. It’s more than a weightloss program, it’s a lifestyle program. One that’s sustainable and easy to follow. You’ll not only look good, you’ll feel good too. And that’s all the incentive you’ll need to make good choices forever.

Thank you Eric and the WildFit team.”

Donna Steinhorn


Cherie did WildFit twice in a row, dropping 40 pounds the first time, then another 20 in the second, and today she is 4 sizes smaller compared to before she began WildFit. Before taking the program, she had initially found it so hard to give up on her food addictions even despite her knowledge on the detrimental effects these foods had on her both physically and psychologically. After taking WildFit Cherie no longer needed to take the medication she was on for things such as high cholesterol and various other medications commonly given due to being overweight. The program was so sensible and practical, and with so much great information from Eric and the amazingly trained WildFit facilitators, Cherie found the journey exciting and seeing the weight just fall off was even more exciting.

Cherie Clark



“WildFit has helped us understand our relationship with food”

“As a solo-preneur working from home, it’s easy to snack your way through the day and hard to know what to eat that’s healthy and satisfying.

When my partner and I signed up for WildFit it was because I was gaining weight with no upper limit in sight. We wanted to feel in control of our food choices, know what our bodies needed in order to release weight and avoid the diseases typically associated with aging.

Together, we released over 70 pounds in three months and we’ve had no trouble continuing to release weight. To accomplish this we were never hungry and didn’t take up any ridiculous exercise regimes!

WildFit has helped us understand our relationship with food. We now make healthier food choices with a solid understanding of why the foods work well with our digestive system. We highly recommend WildFit. It’s changed our lives!”

Lorraine Lapointe


“I have never felt healthier and more self-confident”

“I cannot be more satisfied with WildFit than what I am. It has produced a profound and lasting effect on my relationship with food (what and why I eat), which has led to a significant improvement in my health, overall physical condition, and energy levels.

I can honestly say that I have never felt healthier and more self-confident. The way in which the WildFit Challenge progresses, which includes fun and sound information and outstanding support from Eric and his coaching team, was instrumental in helping me sail through the challenge with a sense of joy and confidence about defying old patterns. Ultimately, achieving the great results I got not only improved my health and appearance but also produced an unexpected and welcomed boost in self-confidence.

I am also happy to report that my wife, who was really skeptical at the beginning, based on my results ended up joining the WildFit Challenge on her own. I am very happy for that, as it will not only benefit her but also it will help us to start making more conscious decisions about food choices for our children. “

Juan Somavia

Completed the WildFit 90 Day Challenge through Mindvalley
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