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Catherine Malli Dawson completely transformed her life with the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge, she lost 45 pounds in 90 days and has never looked back again.

Not only can she smell and taste again but she is loving her new body. She is comfortable going down the cookie aisle without temptation.

JB Owen: I started WILDFIT because I had met Eric a few times, and I had finally reached a point where I was cutting out a ton of foods and saw no results.

Since being on WILDFIT I have released 16lbs, and have seen some dramatic changes. I feel incredible, and my body shape has completely transformed. I can now also apply the psychological aspect of this program to many other parts of my life as well!


Before After
Before After


Yesterday my 90 Day WILDFIT Challenge ended and now the WILDFIT lifestyle starts. Unbelievable changes happened: more energy, short but restful sleep, full creativity, higher self-esteem, and the body… just look at the pictures! 🙂 

Marco Geibmann

Quality of Life


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