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Success Story – All Hope Was Lost!

WILDFIT Success Story

Have you ever felt completely lost?

We all have at some point in our lives, whether it’s not knowing the next step to take on a big project, not feeling certain about the house you want to purchase, or feeling astray in a relationship. We have all been there, and it’s this hopelessness that can cause a downward spiral.

Have you ever felt lost in your own body? Felt depleted of energy, full of uncomfortable aches and pains, but had no idea how to make things better? This is the truth for so many people, but they live on, because they don’t know of an alternative or a solution.

Diane, is one of the many who dealt with the constant feeling of being a stranger in her body.

This is what she had to say about here experience with WILDFIT:

“After menopause I ballooned to 172 pounds. I am 5’2″. This became what I believed was the ruin and resignation of my youthful body and energy. I didn’t know how to navigate in this body that was always full of aches and pains, and always feeling exhausted. I tried everything to lose weight and yo-yo’d for years without success. Thank God I was introduced to WILDFIT! I feel youthful again and have plenty of energy to fill my days with activities that I love. It has been 18 months and I am maintaining my new healthy weight.”

One of the many victories of WildFit clients is they’re able to maintain their new lifestyle. Yes, humans fluctuate weight all the time, but there’s nothing more satisfying than feeling YOU HAVE CONTROL over it.

Our favorite thing about her after photo is she is GLOWING from the inside out. Plus, her smile is undeniable. She looks approachable and warm, and someone you wouldn’t mind running into on your way to work. She reflects what happiness looks like.

Now, Diane is a crucial member of our WILDFIT Tribe. Not only is she a valued community member, but she’s a WildFit certified coach and takes other individuals through the process of finding their true freedom.

We want you to be happy and create the life you want. Never set limitations for yourself!

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