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WILDFIT Success Story – Making Health a Priority


Many people are amazing by the results of WILDFIT both mentally and physically. WILDFIT shows you how make your health a priority and make you feel good. Look below to see an amazing WILDFIT success story!

I entered this program with an open mind, with trust (as I’d be amazed by a friend’s results), and the knowledge that I needed to make my health a priority. I’m in my 30s (for another few months 😉 ) I’m a business woman, a work from home mom to 3 boys (15, 7, 5), a covid home-schooling mom, and have never let my weight hold me back. In fact, I’ve been fairly Body Positive my entire (overweight) life. I’ve been fairly active, too, just carrying around my extra weight like it’s no big deal. This year, it became a big deal. This year, for the first time ever, I *felt* heavy. I felt heavy when I got in and out of my kayak. I felt heavy when I played soccer with the 5yo. I felt heavy going for walks. I felt heavy when I mindlessly ate junk. I didn’t want to enter my 40s feeling this way. So I signed up for WILDFIT, weighed myself for the first time in 5 years, and wrote the words: Play Full Out in my journal that first day. The scale read 260.8lbs. I’ve never actually “dieted” before, not that WildFit is a “diet” (just the ideal human diet.) I really enjoyed learning about anthropological eating – I found it fascinating! So much food for thought! The program was so easy to follow! The calls, the Facebook group, the FAQ (those weekly videos were so helpful!)… Everything just went together perfectly. And I played full out! Despite cooking for the 3 kids, and Red Seal Chef Hubby, I was able to incorporate WILDFIT without much difficulty. The recommended food was easy to find in my Northern Canadian community. As the weeks went by, the program aligned with my life and beliefs about food and nourishment – or maybe I aligned with the program! And for the first time in my life, the bathroom scale was nothing to be feared. I started (and completed) a 3 week yoga challenge. I began walking for 30 mins a day at -20*C. I actually had the energy to incorporate intentional movement, whereas before WILDFIT did not. And the movement made me feel good!! Feel strong! I was feeling great, sleeping soundly, never hungry, and felt renewed energy despite my challenge taking place over the course of Canadian winter months with very little daylight. Friends and family noticed changes in my body and my outlook towards food. The coaches were there for every step of the journey, to answer questions and support us.

Kristin Kulachkosky

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