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Diet’s Fail People – A WILDFIT Success Story with Caroline McRae


People don’t fail diets. Diets fail people. Diets are known for giving short term results. Lifestyle changes however will give you long term successes and ensure that you are maintaining the lifestyle that you want.

A WILDFIT graduate named Caroline McRae tried dieting for years. She eventually gave up and decided to try WILDFIT. She now loves herself and continues to life a healthy lifestyle. Look Below to read her story!

Where to begin! I have spent my entire life being overweight. I had tried every diet & fad or craze that happened over the last 4 decades. I had lost weight & gained more at every attempt. I finally just gave up. Middle aged, and gaining 5lbs annually brought to the stage of being “morbidly obese”. I will never forget the first time I saw those words written in my Drs chart. I was mortified. A sensible person might think that should have been my turning point. It wasn’t. Instead I grew depressed & gained more weight. Of course being obese brought along physical disabilities. Two spinal surgeries & bad knees with aching joints everywhere. Dr said it must be fibromyalgia. I was living a painful existence & seldom left the house. I was embarrassed & ashamed of myself.

Then one day I went to a family reunion. A family member whom I hadn’t seen for awhile who had also struggled with her weight was there. She looked amazing! She came & sat a told me what had happened in her life. She had found WILDFIT more than a year ago. We talked for a long time & I went home intrigued. I mean -I have known this girl her entire life & she was completely transformed.

Was there a possibility there was still hope for me after all? We kept in touch & then the stars aligned when she told me she was starting as a Coach for WILDFIT. I was still a bit skeptical, I mean -how stupid must I be, that I need to pay someone to tell me how to eat ! She convinced me this would change my life. Four months later I am smiling, happy & confident ! Those adjectives were not in my wheelhouse previously. My life is changed forever. I have never felt so good, my knees don’t hurt, my back doesn’t hurt, my clothes are too big and I am active!

There are just not enough words to describe how I feel and my gratitude to the coaches of WILDFIT & Eric. When I finished the challenge I was down 46 lbs & inches off everywhere. I still have weight to lose but now I know that I am capable of enjoying life and will accomplish everything I want. This is not just a challenge that transforms your physical being, it is an emotional journey that is everlasting. For the first time I truly “like” myself & enjoy the thought of how my story will end. With much love & appreciation to the WILDFIT Team ❤️

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