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Sugar’s Dirty Little Secret

Sugar is everywhere. It’s hidden in plain sight, within many of the foods in the grocery store. It’s sneaky, addictive and so pervasive in the foods we commonly consume that our brains have actually been wired to expect sugar, to crave it constantly.

The truth is, humans haven’t always been this way. Our brains have been taught this by the food industry. By sneaking sugar into foods we wouldn’t expect, the food industry has programmed us to be sugar-dependent, drooling and ready to buy everything they’re selling.

If you’re wondering how we’ve been programmed into sugar-hungry zombies, look no further than your brain chemistry. Whenever you eat sugar, a series of events in your body is triggered. First dopamine, the ‘happy’ chemical is released in your brain. Then insulin, the hormone that lets your body use sugar as energy, is released and you feel a quick, fleeting boost of energy. After the sugar dissipates, you start to crash as your energy plummets. This leaves you craving more sugar and sluggishly reaching for your next sugary fix. The problem with this cycle is that the more you consume sugar, the more your body becomes desensitized to its effects. This means that you’ll keep needing more and more sugar to satisfy your cravings.

This is not unlike any other addiction like drugs and alcohol. Sugar uses the same dopamine pleasure pathways in your brain as cocaine and crystal meth. The food industry knows this and has you helplessly hooked.

Unfortunately, this sugar cycle is making you sick. The thing is, the same insulin that gives you that quick boost of energy when you consume sugar is also storing all this extra sugar as fat. Sugar is giving you cardiovascular issues, diabetes, making you sluggish and keeping those extra inches stubbornly sitting on your hips.

The food industry hijacked your brain chemistry – are you ready to take it back?

The WildFit 90-day Challenge is designed to reverse your sugar addiction by going to the root of the problem, your brain’s relationship with food. Eric Edmeades, the founder of WildFit, knows what sugar is doing to your brain and how to stop this toxic sugar cycle. For good. He designed WildFit as a lifestyle incorporating behavioral psychology, nutritional anthropology and supportive coaching to retrain your brain to crave nutritious, healthy, REAL food so you can finally fuel your body instead of an addiction.

WildFit works. See what our community is saying:

I have not had a soda in 8 weeks! I lost 17lbs!
– Kioni Best

My energy is balanced throughout my day. No more afternoon slumps. Yay! My clothes are getting looser. Woo hoo!!! I am not craving sugar and find if someone else is eating it that I am ok and not desiring it too. Double yay! My neck is losing its “turkey” look.
– Cheryl Fowler

Before my journey with WildFit I was addicted to sugar. Around 3pm every day I found myself wanting to eat jelly beans, cupcakes and COOKIES! I loved sugar…all of it all the time. Now I finally feel like I don’t need sugar, most days I don’t even want it. I can be around people eating sugar and not want to devour it. If you struggle with sugar addiction WildFit is a good option for you
– Andrea Reindl

Break free from the sugar cycle and start living a better, healthier life now. No more cravings, no more energy crashes, just freedom.

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