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Is WILDFIT for me?

While many people do take the WILDFIT Challenge to help them release weight or, at least, some body fat, that is not what the program is about. One of the key principles of WILDFIT is that healthy weight loss (and healthy weight gain) are side effects of a healthy, balanced adherence to the human diet.  This is not a diet program, so there is no counting calories or points required. You should try our 14-day Try-WILDFIT program. You can learn more about that a


“People often have a hard time making a forward investment in their health but then they will pay anything to get their health back once they lose it.” – Eric Edmeades

We, at WILDFIT, have worked ceaselessly to bring the cost of WILDFIT down over the last several years. While so many things have gotten more and more expensive, WILDFIT has come down in price by over 50% in the last 5 years. For the first few years, our programs started at $1500.

We have made significant investments in the development, preparation, and delivery of this program in order to make it as accessible as possible. Our program also achieves success rates several times better than the diet industry averages; it is worth the investment. 

That said, we have worked to bring the cost down and if it is still just out of reach you might want to try our new 2-week program, TRY WILDFIT. (And, if you try that program, you may well be offered our primary program at a further discount.)

You can find that program here:

Athletic performance is always enhanced by good nutrition and so WILDFIT is an excellent program for people looking to improve their athletic performance.

That said, our program is a combination of nutritional content and psychological transformation; it is about changing people’s relationship with food so that they don’t have to rely on grit and willpower to stick to a set of ‘food rules’. 

There may be times, during the initial program, that athletic performance might waver. We do not recommend scheduling any competitions or major athletic events during weeks 6 through 9 of the program unless you are already very ‘keto’ adapted.

In short, WILDFIT will give you both the information and behavioral transformation to allow you to produce your very best athletic results. 

No. You do not have to be on Facebook to do WILDFIT. We do provide moderated Facebook groups with many of our classes but they are optional. Frankly, we would rather find a better way but so far the best way we have found for creating community and collaboration for our clients going through the program is to use Facebook groups. 

If you are looking for a Certified WILDFIT coach you can find our amazing coaches here

You can sort by location, language, upcoming class dates, and more. 



An important part of Living WF includes rotating the seasons, so we encourage you to spend some time in true Spring (no fruit or chocolate) and in Summer as well as understanding that chocolate days are Fall days (and there is nothing wrong with that!). If you are continuously maintaining ketosis then it is a good idea to switch out at least every 6-8 weeks.

You will find a schedule of upcoming calls in your Living WILDFIT Facebook group. Located under the guides section, as well as on your Living WILDFIT dashboard in the membership site. We also send out 24 hour and 1-hour reminders as well. 

All Living WILDFIT calls are recorded and will be placed in the Facebook group as well as your Living WILDFIT Dashboard within 48 hours. 

Great question! Your Living WILDFIT calls are located on your Living WILDFIT dashboard located here . You can view past years as well. 

You will also find the replay links in your Facebook group under the Guides section. Under Guide #3. 

Please note: Replays are added within 48 hours. 

For serious blending — like for Alkagizers™ and some soups — Eric recommends two brands; both of which are quite pricey but they do the job and don’t die under the workload in a few weeks:

Vitamix (Various Models – new and used )

Blendtec (Varios Models – New)

And for travel, Eric recommends the Nutribullet:

We provide WILDFIT recipes and snack ideas in a number of different ways:

1) We provide some to people that are actively going through our WILDFIT Program. (You can register at

2) We have an excessive food and recipe database in our LIVING WILDFIT Membership program that provides nutritional information and a database of recipes by WILDFIT Season. (

3) We have some recipe books and snack packs available on our website. (


Mindvalley is one of our partners and they have licensed the WildFit Challenge for an exciting education platform they have called Quest.  We do not share customer information such as orders, login information, etc.

If you purchase from WILDFIT directly you would access our platform at and if you purchase from Mindvalley you would access the program via the Quest app. 

If you are unsure which company you purchased from you can find this information on your invoice. You can contact Mindvalley’s Customer service team at 

No worries your information is safe. Catalystix is Eric’s parent company and will show on your credit card statement. 

Congratulations on taking the first step for a healthy new you! 

Currently, we have two options to take the WILDFIT challenge: 

1) TRY WILDFIT -Group Coaching – All of our group coaching challenges begin with our 14-day Try WILDFIT program. You can try the program for the first 14 days and then you are given a special offer to upgrade to the full challenge. You can find the next class date and sign up here

This challenge will include live group coaching calls and a Private Facebook group for support. 

2) Self-Study Program – You can sign up to do the program on any Monday without having to wait for a class to start. You can find pricing options and sign up here

Please note that this challenge does not include the live group coaching calls or the private Facebook group. 

The best place to find recipes during your WILDFIT challenge is on the blog. You can find them by: 


1. Going to the WILDFIT Blog:

2. Searching the tag “recipes” 

3. Enjoy all of the WILDFIT recipes we have curated for you! 


*** If you search seasons as well, recipes pertaining to the season will appear. 


WILDFIT is sold with a 14-day refund policy; if you request a refund within 14 days of purchase you can request a refund from


We also provide a “performance guarantee” that allows you to request a full refund if the program doesn’t work for you but only if you actually participate in and complete the program with a minimum level of effort. In other words, we guarantee that the program works as long as you put some effort into the program.

If you have completed the program according to the terms and would like to request a refund, please submit your refund request here:

The terms of the Performance Guarantee are displayed before the program begins and are as follows:


WILDFIT WORKS. It works because it provides an excellent combination of solid nutritional information, carefully staged progression, and behavioral-change coaching. With several years and thousands of coaching hours behind us, we have created an effective and sustainable program.

And because we know it works, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

In other words, if you complete the program and do not feel that your health has improved then we will simply refund your money.

So, what does ‘complete the program’ mean? Clearly, you invested in the WILDFIT program because you intend to complete it and, for the purpose of our Guarantee, we have defined what completing the program means. You will note, for instance, that it does not mean doing everything completely and perfectly. Our Total Satisfaction Guarantee requires a minimum level of participation in the program which includes:

(a) Watching at least 75% of the WILDFIT videos in their entirety.
(b) Completing and uploading at least the starting, midpoint, and ending measurements.
(c) Completing at least two ‘daily check-ins’ per week.
(d) Posting (any content) in the WILDFIT Challenge Facebook group at least 10 times during the program (if you are on Facebook).
(e) Providing notice of your lack of satisfaction or progress with the program by sending an email to at least 30 days prior to the end of the program.
(f) Uploading your beginning and ending photographs in your membership account.
(g) If you are receiving LIVE coaching during your WILDFIT Coaching, you must attend at least 13 of the live coaching session.

If you believe that you have met or even closely met these minimum requirements, please submit your refund request here:

® – WILDFIT is a registered trademark of WILDFIT Inc.

SAM cubes are condensed Alkagizer. As some people make them in ice cube trays and others in pucks, we generally don’t standardize. We say if you make a full blender of Alkagizer, pour it out into trays, count the cubes, divide by 3 and that is an Alkagizer.

Most standard ice cube trays hold 1 ounce per cube so it would be 12 cubes per Alkagizer. 

Technical Support

Once you have completed the WILDFIT challenge all the videos will be visible to you. When you sign up to do the program again you already have access to all of the videos but you can restart them by ‘archiving’ your previous challenge. You can do this by logging into your account scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking ‘archive challenge’. Please note this feature will only work if you are re-taking a challenge with a Certified WILDFIT Coach or HQ. 


This will restart the videos so you will only see the videos based on the class you are currently enrolled in. 


No problem; you can request a new password and all the details are below. 

(Remember, your username is the email address that you initially signed up with.)

Request a New Password

To request a new password, you simply go to the login page ( and follow these steps:

1) Click the “Lost Password” link just below the log-in window.
2) Enter your email address (please use the same one that is already attached to your membership).
4) Check your email for your new password.


If you have recently joined WILDFIT or signed up for one of our programs and you have not received your username or password, this article might help. 

First of all, your username is the email address that you signed up with. 

Secondly, almost all lost WELCOME emails (the email with your username and password) are found in the ‘spam’, ‘junk’ or ‘other’ folder in your email system. Please look there first.

If you can’t find the message there, then, please request a new password:

Request a New Password

To request a new password, you simply go to the login page ( and follow these steps:

1) Click the “Lost Password” link just below the log-in window.
2) Enter your email address (please use the same one that is already attached to your membership).
4) Check your email for your new password.

If you are getting an UNKNOWN ACCOUNT ERROR, this usually means you are not using your full email address as your username. Please visit this page and try using the password we sent you and the full email address and let us know if that doesn’t work. Thanks!

To log into the WILDFIT Membership site (to access your training / coaching programs), please follow these steps:

1) Go to
2) Enter your username (this is the email address you signed up with).
3) Enter your password (it is generally best to COPY / PASTE this from the original email we sent you.)
4) Click LOG IN.

This should take you right into the membership site and to the Dashboard. 

(Note: If it is your first time logging in or, perhaps, your first time logging in from a new machine, you will be asked to confirm our Terms and Conditions.)

WILDFIT hosts LIVE support calls for many of our classes and while these calls are optional we strongly recommend attending as many of them as possible. The calls are recorded and shared for those who can not make it to the calls but being LIVE on the calls is very powerful and helpful to your success.

ZOOM provides FREE accounts and if you ever want to register a premium account we have negotiated a 15% discount for you all you have to do is use coupon code: gwfit-zoom

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