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Testimonial Tuesday – Forever Changed

WILDFIT Success Story

WILDFIT is not a program if you are looking for temporary change. It’s about building foundations to a better you and creating long lasting transformations.

This is what Burt had to say about his experience with WILDFIT:

“For me WILDFIT ended up being the critical missing component in my personal growth journey and evolution. My original intention for participating in this coaching program was to gain knowledge to improve my nutritional health which would benefit my overall well-being. Little did I know how impactful this program would be for me. The structure which included daily educational videos & support materials, live coaching calls/Q & A and the methodical step-by-step immersion into this process allowed me to fully understand the thoughts, experiences and conditioned unconscious eating and drinking habits which had been controlling my life. This helped me bring permanent changes and conscious choice to my eating and drinking. This is NOT a fad diet program. It is a deep, intense learning program to educate you about food, drink, nutrition and how that impacts our well-being. This program empowered me to realize that I have the choice of what I do and who I will become. This is empowering stuff. It puts the responsibility solely on me and no one else.

This learning involves you as a WHOLE person and is not just about food. It illuminates the rules that have controlled our unconscious eating and drinking habits so that we can change how we view our behaviors. And the beauty of this is that we cannot fail because we can learn from our own behavior and come to understand it and change what we do. It is a process of understanding, learning and change. Which is life, isn’t it? 

As a result of this program I am off all added sugars, chemicals, caffeine, alcohol and any other foods that do not serve my body well. I am now at a weight when I was in my 20’s. The whole process regarding food and drink has been structurally changed…permanently for me. As an aside, my financial planner had me take an online test to determine my longevity based upon lifestyle, attitudes, personal and family medical history. Before this program it was at 94 years and after this program it was 101 years. As I continue this process/journey it may well expand to 110 years…

I lost 18 pounds and 2-1/2 inches off my waist but the most significant event was that my energy levels shot up to levels that I have never before experienced – my mental clarity and alertness was extremely high so much so that my drive to succeed was a driving force for me to re-envision my life plans, missions and goals; I re-imagined and mapped out an entirely new life plan for myself for the next 25-30 years. My life chart has now been created and mapped out in detail; I am getting 6 hours of sleep every night, no alarm clock is ever needed for me to awake, I am focused and working on all of my life goals and am involved in multiple coaching programs at the same time in each of the major areas of my life. I have renewed commitments to my life purposes, missions and goals. I also listen to audio books, podcasts every day as additional ways to continue my learning trajectory.

I appreciate all that the WILDFIT team has done to create this powerful program (Eric, Amanda, Ariel and Ana and those behind the scenes) for I am now living WILDFIT.

It was synchronicity that brought me to these doors which have opened up for me. I am forever grateful to WILDFIT and Mindvalley for this opportunity and experience.”

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