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Testimonial Tuesday – People Can Tell!


We caught wind of Janet’s story a couple weeks ago, and then we saw her amazing before/after photos and our jaws dropped to the floor.

Our amazing HQ coach Amanda, passed along Janet’s testimonial, and this is what she had to say:

“Janet had amazing results on the 90-Day WILDFIT Challenge including weight release, and lost inches from all over. She was excited to begin her new lifestyle and is so impressed that on her 1 year anniversary she has released a total of 86lbs and she is not done yet. She loves dressing her body again and everyone is so impressed how happy and healthy she looks. She has committed to exercise everyday and has built up her self care regime.”

We find one of the most valuable lessons learned coming out of the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge, is that people learn how to take care of themselves again. Their confidence has returned, they feel more comfortable in their own skin, and everyone can tell.

“The timing is never perfect. Just start and keep going” – Janet Lau

Our lives feel so busy, how can I find the time to start a 90 day health program? You make the time, just like you would for your family, your careers, your friends. We are only provided with one body this lifetime, and we need to treat it with the upmost respect. Think of it as an investment of your future self!

As best said by Janet, “You won’t regret your decision to join”. 

To test the first 14 days of the WILDFIT 90 Day Challenge, sign up below.

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