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Amber Scotchburn

WILDFITTER since 2016

Our progress is really quite shocking to all of us!

River has lost 25 pounds! His face is totally clear and he’s looking pretty broad across the chest. And he’s my 16 year old and hasn’t been able to do this season to a “t”. He has more weight to lose as his injury this past year put him out of his competitive soccer season which was really hard on his emotional psyche. We are super excited to see his athletic performance level this fall!

Mike has lost 10 pounds (only wanted to lose 4) and is totally ripped (abs and arms)! I’m trying to convince him to do photo’s to show it off but he’s shy ;)! He’s going into the next phase as he doesn’t want to lose any more weight. He’s in the top shape from when I met him 5 years ago when he was at the height of his soccer season and working out a lot. And soccer season doesn’t start yet so imagine when it’s on ;)! Ok…let’s change the topic because I’m getting excited!

I haven’t done weight or inches but a shirt that used to be “fitted” in the elastic part at the bottom that I would wear to “hide” my stomach, now hangs like a night dress! I’m staying in this season as I’d like some more weight to melt away.

Our other children are asking for and making the healthy chicken nuggets! Also, they are asking for shakes with fruit! And, I’ve been blending a ton of veggies in our blend tech and adding them to our curry chicken, meatballs, etc. so that they are getting a ton of extra veggies! Furthermore, they are so much more conscious of what they are putting in their mouths and quoting some of the information they’ve heard from Eric in our calls, as well as the documentaries.

I’m excited to move forward together through this. Thanks for sharing everyone :)!

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