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WILDFITTER since 2020

– I went from 10.5 stone to 9 stone.
– I now don’t feel lethargic after eating a meal
– my insides now feel more relaxed now they are not processing all those grains!
– I feel like I can eat more than before and I’m still losing weight!
– had to buy new jeans as they were falling off, 2 weeks later and now getting the same problem with my work trousers!
– did the program for health and have not been ill!
– do not care for following the status quo about having cake and rubbish at a party
– finding healthy alternatives for easy food. I still kind of emotionally eat but it’s more I can’t be bothered to cook, so I get a healthy takeaway
– absolutely no craving for coffee anymore which was exacerbating anxiety within me
– one I was not expecting, consciously drinking alcohol!
– learning to pose

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