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Ashley Neverson

This is hard for me to post. I have been hiding my body for about 5 years… actually forever. Even when I weighed 140lbs. I have scoliosis, uneven hips and diastasis recti. But I feel comfortable with you guys. I am currently in fall (sugar addict clinic) so that I can move past my recent experiments. I only experimented at the end of the program but, I was feeling shameful about it. Then Eric said, hey if it happens, just go into fall for a week, no big deal. So here I am. I feel extra self concious because the diastasis prevents my belly from being flatter. Being in fall has made me a bit bloated.

Okay, after all that negative self talk, here it goes:

Weight: 200lbs ~ 188lbs

Chest: 45.5in ~ 42in

Arm: 7.75in ~ 6in

Midsection: 42.5in ~ 41in

Waist: 41in ~ 38in

Hips: 47in ~ 43in

Thighs: 30in ~ 27in

Also, I have no arthritic pain in my body, am almost never sleepy and feel that I look even younger.

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