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Carrie Kari

WILDFITTER since 2019

Hey Wild-linings! It’s been 6 weeks since our 90 challenge ended. Are you remeasuring? I was pleasantly surprised that the fat is still melting off despite me being in summer for 3ish weeks. I’ve lost 5 pounds, another 6.8 inches all over, cholesterol dropped 30 points (36 more points to go and my Dr. will give me an A+), and blood pressure that was good now dropped 20 points and is now great, A-1 dropped from 5.4 to 4.9, sleep has improved (I don’t need as much sleep to function). That’s just the cherry on top! The best part is that feeling and looking the best I’ve ever looked before in my life. Count the wins both big and small. I really didn’t think I was losing anything since the challenge ended since I gained and lost the same 10 pounds…gain 5 lose 5…lose 5 gained it back…then re-lost it all in 6 weeks! I had foods that were not WF approved and I regret some of it…and others I don’t. I moved some to the never line while others moved to the occasional line. Experimenting is vital for living in Wildfit. Don’t judge yourselves. Keep putting health as a priority. Love you guys!

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