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Cherie Clark

WILDFITTER since 2017

Back on point after my Saturday night meltdown from a tough day, after two weeks of plumbing problems (and replacing pipes) around the homestead. I was exhausted, upset, “needed” an “emotional” fix. Paid for it overnight and Sunday. I love when that happens, immediate feedback. “Stop, fool!” Just like they used to say in church, “avoid occasions of sin”.
Really sinfully delicious broccoli at the restaurant, nicely done with garlic and oil. That wasn’t the problem. It was my still addiction to hot bread crust. I played, I paid, I’m back in the WILDFIT groove. Feelin’ groovy.

I prefer the regular alkagizers, so rarely add fruit, except to clear an occasional blockage, had extra smoothies yesterday and feel great today. Good news is, my recovery time from a backslide is faster and I feel more energetic, healthier after a day of recovery and getting back on track. Thanks all for this wonderful program and your support!

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