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Denise Walker

WILDFITTER since 2018

Alright. I’ve been a little dishearted this past week, as nothing is moving on the scale. And I know it is not about numbers, and I HAVE been feeling great, have great energy levels, and am exuding health all around, but I figured my week at Burn Camp, from the 16th-22nd, may have set me back. While I ate incredibly well there, I wasn’t always sure if there was sugar in any of the meals, so was concerned I may have inadvertently eaten some. But I prepped my smoothies before I went, so was well prepared. I also went through half a bag of almonds, which saved me on many occasions from the general snacks they had). But I digress.

I was hoping that by sincerely adhering to every single rule/challenge/tip from WILDFIT, that I might see a change this week, and I did not :(

However! While I’ve only lost 12.5 lbs since June 7th (which I know is awesome), I took my measurements just now and have lost 12.1 inches over all, and have the pix to prove it :)

Have a happy day everyone, and keep forging on.

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