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Jeffrey M Jackson

Hello fellow tribe-peops,

I am just inside the deadline to share and contibutre with my personal experience and results through successfully completing the 2020 February WildFit 90 day challenge.

First off, thank you to all that have already shared your experience and results, photos and wins… you have inspired me to follow through and contribute with mine.  There is power in the tribe that is for sure… playing full out is contagious so thank you again and here I am…

I did have some wins and progress thats for sure.  I lost 7 kilos and almost completely released my spare tire around my waist.  As a result of staying the course, for the most part, though to the completion of the challenge, I have gotten back into a healthy feeling within my body and in my mind, I am now starting to see what’s possible in the future vs feeling depressed about being out of shape and feeling even worse because I have no motivation to fight to get back into shape… feeling down is sometimes a very difficult spiral to free yourself from.  For me, investing in myself and actively participating in the WildFit 90 day challenge program not only gave me back a stronger healthier body but it also inspired in me a desire to be more AGAIN and to be my best.  I was wanting to be my best but was lost in downward spiral of worsening health and poor physical shape.  The words of my Father kept ringing in my head, Jeff, don’t let yourself get out of shape because the older you get the harder and harder it becomes to get back into shape.  It sure felt that way.

In summary, I gained some wonderful benefits from the 90 Day challenge and I did make progress and I did have some success in various areas; food choices are now stronger, I have a valuable new awareness of the Food Industrie’s practices, I have a good awareness of what food we need and what food is really not food that we need, I got a Holy Crap!!! there seems to be sugar added to almost everything with an ingredients list!!!, I got back my good what’s possible today energy and perhaps most important of all, I have experienced what my body feels like when I give it all that it needs to be its best… I imagine that going forward, it only gets better and better!!!

Again, love to all and congrats to all for making a difference in each others transformations through sharing, caring and daring to be more…


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