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Jillian Imilkowski

This is an INTENSELY personal post. Back in February, I began a three month health journey with a program called WILDFIT created by @ericedmeades. I began the journey at 156 pounds.

Three months later and I am a new person!!

Used to wake up in the middle of the night to snack on food. Hell, I would wake up in the middle of the night (several times) and just wander around. I was struggling at managing my school/life/work balance, my skin was dry, my nails brittle and my hair was falling out (not balding, but enough that I was concerned). I struggled with self esteem and confidence and as a result my friendships and relationships were suffering.

NOW, I can sleep through an entire evening without interruption! My low back pain is gone, I am more focused at school and have the energy to date again, my self-esteem has improved, my skin has cleared up and my hair turned violet and hot pink!! (Kidding, we can thank @pravana for that) BUT WAIT, there’s more!! If all that cool shit wasn’t enough, i also managed to shed 12 pounds and have lost 2” off my bust, waist and hips…and 1.5” off my knees. EVEN MY KNEES WERE FAT!!

I couldn’t be prouder of myself to committing (and sticking to) to this program. Thank you @ericedmeades for creating a system that is informative, easy to follow, entertaining and approachable.

My life has changed and I will be forever grateful. Thank you to everyone who did this journey with me and to everyone who honored my odd food requests and weirdo health rants. I love you all to the moon and back. But most importantly, I now love myself to the moon and back, too.

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