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Joan Gibson Beveridge

WILDFITTER since 2017

I must share a couple WINS with everyone. #1) I have released 14 lbs and 11 3/4 inches (if I added them up correctly). My clothes are fitting better, I can reach my toes easier, I sleep substantially better to name a few improvements in my life so far. #2) You have heard me mention and post pics of my weekly scrapbooking group and the junk food fest that goes on there. Firstly, the skeptics are noticing my changes and are saying how proud they are of me that I am sticking to the program. Secondly, and this is the Big one, I announced that I Do NOT want a birthday cake for my upcoming birthday party in August. I have been informed that they are planning some sort of surprise that does not involve cake, sweets, or junk! How great is that that my friends are taking my healthy eating change seriously. :)

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