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Joan Gibson Beveridge

WILDFITTER since 2017

Earlier today I was feeling bummed that I wasn’t seeing or feeling the flip of the switch yet or this release of weight I’m waiting for. I thought to myself, stop being so hard on yourself and focus on the positive changes. I do have to remember that on the first day we moved into Spring I also started a new medication to relieve an overactive bladder with accompanying side effects of dizziness and constipation…made worse with the “no Fruits” rule. With the soaring temperatures this past week I experienced a huge amount of fluid retention to the point of pitting edema on my lower legs for a couple days. I’m totally committed to this program and am sticking to it like I’ve never stuck to anything before. I can move easier, reach my feet, bend over to get things off the floor with less struggling. When I was at the dentist, I had to take pics of myself in their full length mirror because I couldn’t believe how much I’ve changed in past 2 months. I have learned to love Kale chips, eating when I’m hungry not just because it’s “mealtime” and munching away on radishes, cucumbers and celery. Oh, and that Rooibos Red Tea…love it hot or iced! Tonight I dug (it was behind a bunch of stuff) that scale out and I have released 20lbs since May! I was just trying on some “before WILDFIT tight pants” and not only I got them all on but the zippers done up as well!! This is working!! So my advice for any of you who are still waiting for things to happen, take note of all the amazing positive changes that you may not have thought about.

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