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John Jordan

Hi all,

First, I want to thank YOU (the tribe)! The honesty, openness, support, comedy, and companionship in this group has been amazing.

I’ve never had much confidence to share in life, but this program has sparked confidence so here I go. I will share my weight and measurement changes below, but here are my non-scale victories:

– Tackled my food demons and straightened out my food psychology. I have a healthy relationship with food for the first time in my life.

-Heart burn gone; I haven’t taken a zantac since week three and I was using 3 a week minimum

– No more bloating, my belly and midsection actually feel comfortable now… natural

-Sinuses clear; I used to use nasal spray every night so I could breath while I sleep. This has completely stopped. My multiple sinus infections in the spring have also been non-existent.

-Sleeping deep, easy to fall back asleep. Even if I wake up to go to the bathroom I fall back into a deep sleep quickly

-Sustained energy all day; I don’t have an abundance of energy, but I can go at a steady pace morning into evening. No more energy dips, no more crashing after work. Productivity has skyrocketed.

-Increased mental clarity

-Getting healthier during the pandemic; What a blessing… People talking about covid-15(lbs)…screw that, this was an excuse to have time to get healthy, not find excuses to eat junk.

-Better bedroom performance

-Released 20lbs of fat while maintaining most of my muscle mass

-No more knee pain

-Better skin

-Learned to cook in new ways

-Sprained ankle healed almost overnight; this blew me away. Like, baseball sized ankle back to normal in two days (swelling wise). The body can do amazing things in it’s natural state.

-No more canker sores

Wow. That’s a lot when I write that out. Absolutely amazing. Thank you to the Mindvalley team, coaches and ambassadors. Special thank you to Eric and Ariel for helping people find their health and identifying the non-scale victories; You two have been life changing!

Now the numbers (Feb 03 – May 02):

Weight: 204.9-182.5 (-22.4lbs)

BMI: 29.7-26.4

Body fat %: 23.7-19.7

Total inches lost: 18.25

  1. I am 33, had been doing crossfit for the last two years, was following a “slow carb” diet and felt like I was being pretty “healthy”. I decided to leave my reservations at the door, play full out and this has changed my life!


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