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Kevin Paz

We’ve finally reached the end of the program!! What an experience. I’ve tried several different diet programs in the past to only get temporary results. This is the first time I’ve stuck to something this long and felt an everlasting change. I’ve released 10lbs since the beginning of the program and the leanest I’ve ever been at around 12% body fat while still being able to retain my muscle mass. My sleep has improved significantly. Energy levels have gone up. But the best change and progress for myself has been my mindset around food. I’m a lot more aware of the dialogue around the foods that I eat and choose not to eat.

Thank you to Eric for sharing your knowledge with us in an easy way for us to adhere to. Thank you to all to coaches for your support! & thank you to everyone in this community. Seeing everyone’s progress really helped me stay on track.

I look forward to living a WILDFIT lifestyle!!

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