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Kris Benevento

WILDFITTER since 2020

On January 1st of 2019, I was 156 lbs. overweight. I had a medical issue that sidelined me. I set a goal to lose 50 lbs. this year. From August of 2018 to Feb of 2019 I was basically lazy boy chair confined, morning, noon and night due to a bone spur from my spine pinching a nerve at the exit point of my spine to my neck and left arm. I could not lay flat, go to work, had difficulty climbing steps or lifting any kind of weight. I was packing on the pounds and was compromised so much that I had to be heavily medicated to attend my son’s wedding in September of 2018.

This morning as I stood at my desk (I am fortunate to have a workstation that rises.) I was able to do a pelvic tilt and feel my abdomen contract. I have two main “rolls” of fat on the front side of my torso. The lower one sits on the top of my thighs when I sit, the top one had become as large as my breast silhouette.

As I stood and contracted, my lower fat roll (which has shrunk) – raised off my thighs, and my back muscles lengthened, and I could legitimately stand tall. Individuals who have never been obese would not understand what a miracle that is. I am starting to feel my muscles awaken.

The only way I might be able to explain it, is to think of a time when you came out of a pool and felt gravity come back onto your body and felt the weight increase. For me, this moment was like stepping into a pool and feeling myself go weightless.

While I was in physical therapy for months, I could never feel the muscles in my abdomen and my physical therapist tried.

I am now 122 lbs. from my goal weight and feel healthier and hopeful for the first time. I believe I can continue eating like this.

Constant review and check-ins with myself, support of, or at least camaraderie with all of you who have commented on this page, consistent messaging, experiencing the results, logic, understanding, and compassion from Eric and the WILDFIT mentors all bring me to tears this morning in gratitude.

Thank you, everyone!

Improved health, smarter choices, new positive physical milestones, a renewed compassion for myself and others, and the awareness of marketing and the food industry are some of the gold stars I have gained through this program.

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