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Lea Frueh

I started WildFit out of desperation mostly. I suffered with depression for the last 4 decades or more and the last 4-5 years were horrible. I just survived day by day. Spend lots of time in my bed escaping the misery or on the sofa. Other than walking the dogs was not possible. I had a good day when I was able to clean the house or go do the laundry with ease, most of the time it was just a huge effort. I tried everything, homeopathy, healers, osteopathy, you name it, which always helped for a short period to just see me back again where I started.


Then I was guided to WildFit and things changed. I felt, I was guided to not give up on me and so the first day, the first week went by with joy and obviously because of Eric and his comedian kind of input when he talked about the devil and the angel, just too funny.

It was always a delight to watch him and I waited always with excitement for the next video to arrive in my inbox. Not to forget the knowledge, the love, the support, the care he and later Ariel brought into the program. For the first time in my life I LOVED FACEBOOK and was following the posts. The support from the coaches, the tribe were spectacular. Never experienced before.


With this my sleeping came back to normal!! I started losing weight and felt just great. In the last week my constipation was gone which I had since I can think of.

Here my body results

Lost 8 kilos

Metabolic age from 50 to 43 (I am 58)

Body fat from 34.6 to 28.3

BMI from 24 to 21

I just want to lose another 2 kilos and now I want and will go back to sport and will start longevity next time it starts because I feel good to do so.

I feel so happy in my body, haven´t felt like 15 years ago. I am proud what I achieved, and I am willing and know it can happen to swop easily seasons and start with new ideas of receipes instead of eating the same over and over.

I cannot be more grateful to all of you WildFit, Eric, Ariel Aurora , the rest of the coaches, my buddy Mojdeh Nadjmi and you TRIBE.

Thank you for helping and supporting me to get my life back. I feel blessed and honoured to have met you all and want to shout out to the world, don’t give up on you, ever!!!

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