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Linda Easterling

WILDFITTER since 2020

I am so very thankful for this program. I was having chronic pain in my left knee 24/7. And joint pain elsewhere at times. Now I am completely pain FREE!!! WOW it is amazing! I sleep better though not as much and feel more energized. I no longer have a stuffy nose. I breathe freely now. I don’t get hungry. I don’t have cravings for sweets.. I look forward to the alkagizer every morning and often drink it during the day as well. If I crave anything it would be the alkagizer. Thank you Eric & the Team and community. You all made all this a success for me and I continue to live WILDFIT for life. A much higher quality of life that I only wished for never thinking I could do this or maintain it. But it is real for me now and in my future. Thanks again.

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