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Lisa Levesque

WILDFITTER since 2018

Well, I got obsessed with the scale this weekend! I weighed myself Sunday and went “Woohoo” I lost another 2 pounds. But this morning I got tempted to go back on the scale and went “oh no I’m up 0.5 pounds”. I was upset because I did it too often.

So here is my final reaction “WOOHOO I lost 2 pounds in 5 days and I’ve lost 6 pounds since I started!!! YEEPEE when was the last time the numbers were going down instead of up for once”. Technically I lost about 8 pounds because when we increased the fruits I gained 2 pounds. So “DOUBLE WOOHOO I’ve lost 8 pounds in total!!!” Happy dance WOOT WOOT!!!

Have a great day everybody! REMEMBER to Celebrate everyday whether it’s energy increase, better sleep, weight loss, feeling better in you pants! Positive energy will simply attract more positive things in your life!

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